April 2011

Telling that Story with George & Sima

Once we help clients develop great purpose-driven stories, there are many ways we can help share those stories. Here is a really quick and simple overview of what we do that features one of the partners we use to help clients start sharing and seeing results.

Telling that Story with George & Sima



Tell Your Story founder George Rafeedie is with special guest Sima Dahl and briefly talks about developing purpose-driven stories and sharing those stories with old and new school forms of media.

What is CrossFit?

I’ve been tweeting/checking in a lot from a Chicago-area gym I belong to that is part of the CrossFit affiliate system. This video tells a great story about the CrossFit philosophy and how it helps “normal” people like me get in shape. (I still have a ways to go, by the way.) If you want to see videos of abnormal people who do incredible things physically, visit the main CrossFit site and search CrossFit videos on YouTube. You’ll be amazed, but don’t let it scare you from giving it a try in your area.

CROSSFIT CLEVELAND – What is Crossfit?



People come to us when they need to get back in shape but can’t do it on their own. Whether you don’t know how or just don’t have the discipline to stick with a workout program, we’ll get you on track…

Fear Not! Jump into Social Media Experiment.

Social networking consultant, speaker and author Sima Dahl interviews Chicago Business Marketing Association board member Michael Krauss after he moderated a panel of the Big Four of the social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) at the BMA’s April luncheon.

Fear Not! Jump into Social Media Experiment





Michael Krauss moderated the April 2011 BMA Chicago luncheon on Social Media. In this video, Sima Dahl asks him for his top take-aways.