July 2013

How I Applied Client Profiling Skills to Puppy Training

“Client Profiling” is my own term, as far as I know, and at a previous agency, we spent a number of internal education sessions refining our skills in this area. What it comes down to is this: understanding how your client processes information in order to make decisions.   Does she need a lot of information to ponder all the options, or is she more of a top-line info-only person in order to make that decision and keep moving. Is he visual or conceptual? Are you better giving one recommendation or laying out several options?  Does she need to talk it through to determine a direction? These are just some of the personality traits to consider when you start working with a new client. It certainly takes some time and good old-fashioned listening, but to develop a credible relationship and work at growing the business, it is crucial.   If you think about it...

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