January 2020

Twenty Thoughts for 2020

I started this post on January 3rd, but the life of George in 2020 is already hectic. Good, but hectic. So this is being published a little later than planned, but I hope valuable and entertaining, nonetheless. Here are my 20 thoughts to kick off 2020.   My entrepreneurial, marketing and life journeys are ever-evolving. For your amusement and pondering, here are 20 thoughts for 2020 that I currently have on these subjects. Be forewarned – my thoughts may change daily and I stray into some politics, too. Hope you enjoy. Everyone should be an owner at least one time in his or her life. Find a mentor (or several) and learn from their entrepreneurial journey and create your own. All you need is a passion or idea. Tons of capital not always needed. You - and only you - should define your own success as an entrepreneur. Don’t think the only...

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