All the Feels: 14 Reasons Why Marketers Are in Love with B2B

All the Feels: 14 Reasons Why Marketers Are in Love with B2B


The closer we get to February 14, the harder it becomes to avoid the Valentine’s Day restaurant guides, Tinder-themed events and Red Velvet Oreos (although nobody really wants to avoid Oreos). While B2C marketing steals so much of the spotlight, all this attention only reaffirms my love for one thing: the B2B industry.


I know I’m not alone in this thinking. All the B2B marketers I know are filled with passion, admiration and respect for the work we do. You may not know it, but B2B is hot. Here are 14 reasons why B2B marketing is the ONE for so many of us.


1)  “It’s where the business is! And because we can.” – Jeffrey W. Hayzlett, Primetime TV & Radio Host, Chairman of the C-Suite Network



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3)  Understanding B2B is to understand the world around you; how businesses operate, how purchase decisions are made, how the global and digital economy works.


4)  B2B purchases are high-stakes. No one was ever fired for buying the wrong bag of Doritos. This makes understanding the buying process even more important. See number 3.


5)  “I love B2B marketing because B2B marketers are wicked smart. It’s a whole lot harder to market a million dollar software system than a two-dollar bottle of ketchup. Just sayin.” – Marilee Yorchak, CAE, Executive Director, BMA Colorado


6)  No two industries are alike; we are challenged to understand all elements of new and often complex industries.


7)  “I love the challenge of balancing the personal and professional motivations of buyers – this adds a multi-dimensional aspect to B2B marketing. Here’s one inspiring example.” – John Simpson, Co-Founder & CEO, One North Interactive

8)  B2B is the prequel to B2C. Our work enables consumer-facing businesses to do their jobs better.


9)  “I love B2B marketing because in a complex, considered purchase, we have to earn trust, not just in the heart but also the mind. Think of it as brain-to-brain marketing.” – Sima Dahl, Speaker, Trainer, Coach


10)  B2B is about relationships. And if you know George, or any of us at Tell Your Story, you know the value we place on relationships.


11)  B2B marketing is a field that’s growing like crazy as firms recognize the need for integrated marketing communications.


12)  It’s a constant challenge to create desire for a product or service that doesn’t provide instant gratification or appeal to the buyer’s need for something yummy, flashy, soft, fuzzy, etc.


13)  A lot of our work is behind the scenes, invisible to the masses. We’re OK with never creating a Super Bowl ad.


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Well said. We’re a passionate bunch. Tweet us and tell us why YOU love B2B!