Author: Amanda Pollard

Mobile Marketing Lessons from Facebook at #BMA14

Dispatches from BMA14: Series of Short Reports from the Tell Your Story Team at #BMA14 in Chicago If there’s any company to take mobile marketing advice from, it’s Facebook. As of last month, Facebook surpassed 1 billion active users on mobile— way more than their desktop version will ever get. CMO of Facebook Gary Briggs gave an awesome presentation at BMA14 demonstrating just how important mobile should be in our overall marketing strategy.   When Facebook first launched its mobile app it was fraught with problems. It was too slow, had poor quality (and low ratings and reviews) and it was unprofitable. Then they completely changed the way they did business.   Here are a few of the lessons Gary shared with us:   Make it Fast First, Facebook completely re-built their apps. Gary said speed was the most important thing to think of when building an app. Now the Facebook app is updated every four weeks, if...

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My First Time at BMA National

  I was fortunate to be one of nearly 800 B2B marketers to attend BMA Blaze, Business Marketing Association’s National Conference last week in Chicago. It was my first time attending the entire conference and boy was it jam-packed full of energizing education sessions and— of course— lots of networking and fun.   There were plenty of great B2B insights to choose from, but I’ve narrowed it down to my top 4 takeaways over the 3-day event.   1)   We’re all in sales. Get over it. During Dan Pink’s fantastic keynote he shared the top words people associate with sales and not surprisingly they aren’t pretty: yuck, smarmy and sleazy. But we all spend time in our jobs convincing or persuading someone… in other words sales. Gone are the times of the typical sleazy car salesmen though. We have gone from “Buyer Beware” to “Seller Beware.” Today, buyers are well-informed, have more choices and plenty...

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5 Ways to Maximize Trade Shows with PR and Social Media

Let’s face it. Trade shows are expensive. Between renting the booth space, paying for your team’s travel expenses, creating an attractive booth, printing literature, and purchasing giveaway items, trade shows can be a major investment and eat up a large portion of your overall marketing budget. So why not maximize your spend by using public relations and social media at the show? Here are 5 of the ways that we support our clients at tradeshows— before, during and after—with “SocialPR.”     [caption id="attachment_1370" align="alignright" width="200"] Amanda facilitating media interview atGreat American Truck Show for clientOnRamp Transportation Services.[/caption] 1) Meet the press. Journalists in your industry are attending your trade shows and looking for new content to write about. Ask the show organizers for an attending press list and reach out to those journalists to set up appointments in your booth. Designate a subject matter expert to tell journalists about everything new happening with your company and...

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Chickens, Brand Architecture and Other Things I Learned at #BMAGROW

GROW BMA Conference

I’m still digesting all of the great presentations and experiences from this year’s, 2012 Business Marketing Association National Conference, GROW, but here are a few things I learned:


Chickens and Brand Architecture Just Don’t Mix


You had me at chickens, but lost me at architecture. I loved the start of the presentation by BBN Global Network, Bader Rutter and Pfizer Animal Health about Global Brand Activation. Pfizer Animal Health’s poultry business embarked on developing a global brand and they started out by using great visuals in their presentation evoking affection and emotion about what they do. Then they got into the brand architecture and positioning mumbo jumbo language and hard-to-read slides and lost me. Then again, maybe it was too early after a late night at Red Head Piano Bar.


Consistent Quality Networking is Key to Career Happiness


I’ve had the great opportunity to attend many national BMA conferences. I am involved on the local level and have always worked for companies who believe in the value of the organization. Over the past four days, it was confirmed to me that the ones doing the right amount of networking consistently over time are the ones who are most successful and happiest with their careers. BMA gives B2B marketers that forum.


A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur



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