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NFL Films Tells the Story of Professional Football

NFL Professional Story Teller
This is an incredible article about NFL Films — the official story teller of the National Football League. Its founder, Ed Sabol, is a finalist up for induction for the Pro Football Hall of Fame because of the importance he and his company has had on the success of professional football in America the past 50 years. As you enjoy the Super Bowl and festivities this weekend, give some recognition to Ed and his son Steve for what they have done to make football truly America’s Game.

TheLadders – Am I being a fuddy duddy?

For those who know me, I’m all for having fun with marketing communications to get your message across. Humor executed well and tastefully can be very valuable for a brand, including and especially in business-to-business. But this spot by TheLadders, a 100K+ job web site service, seems a little off brand to me. It would be great for Monster or CareerBuilders, but the story TheLadders has built over the years doesn’t seem to mesh well with this concept and execution. Helping find jobs for executives who make 100K+ is serious business. Let’s stick with some emotional insight that will appeal to this audience. While this is funny, it lacks the insight that will really help grow this brand.


Am I being a fuddy duddy?

Entertainiment with Strong Message

I can’t get enough of this video from social media and SEM/SEO optimization software company, HubSpot. It’s not just entertaining — very entertaining, actually — but it has an incredible message about the power of social media and generating leads. The video’s point is that old school outbound calling and direct marketing don’t work anymore by themselves. You need to create interesting content about your industry and share your points-of-view that your customers and prospects will want to read and view. The HubSpot software isn’t for everyone — I’ve never utilized it fully — but the message that they preach through their own PR and social media efforts resonates anyway — and should inspire those who aren’t in the social media game to develop their own interesting stories and start sharing those stories consistently through social media. (Or combination of social and traditional forms.)

Entertainiment with Strong Message
HubSpot’s Rebecca Corliss sings her heart out about the horrible life of an outbound marketer.

What’s Inbound Marketing?…

Stories of Innovation are Inspiring

I had the opportunity last night to attend the Chicago Business Marketing Association board dinner with special guests that are part of today’s Innovation panel at the BMA luncheon. If you can make the luncheon today, I would highly recommend it. They all have great stories to tell.


You have to have guts and vision to innovate. What was most interesting about the night was that we heard stories from two very traditional Chicago companies: 100-year-old United States Gypsum Corporation (USG) and Molex, plus the founders of two companies that are still in start-up stage, but very successful so far: InContext Solutions and SoCore Engergy. All companies were winners at the 2010 Chicago Innovation Awards, and both have leaders and people with guts and vision to take risks, be aggressive and ultimately make things happen.


I’m home with a sick kid today, so can’t make the luncheon. But if yesterday was any indication of the great stories you’ll hear today, you will not want to miss. Here’s a preview.


Lastly, a special shout out to the BMA Chicago social media committee who has worked hard spreading the word about this event and will be live tweeting today. Make sure to join in on the social media activity, and follow us here

Great Event: Innovation in Chicago

The Chicago Business Marketing Association luncheon this week (January 13) features innovation in Chicago with a panel of representatives from the area’s most innovative companies. Come here the stories of USG Corporation, Molex, InContext Solutions and SoCor Energy. The panel will be moderated by the founder of the Chicago Innovation Awards, Tom Kuczmarski. Find out more at Chicago BMA or LinkedIn.
Here’s a great video by the Innovation Award folks that tells the story of their 10 year history celebrating Chicago innovation.

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Great Event: Innovation in Chicago


What innovation would you like to see in the next ten years?Here’s what a few people had to say in Kevin Boehm’s 2010 Chicago Innovation Awards video.

Telling the story of home health coding

This Tell Your Story-produced video is a simple and easy way to tell the story of a pain-free solution to the complex world of home healthcare medical coding. This video and the entire integrated campaign for Daymarck earned Tell Your Story two Gold awards at the 2010 Chicago Business Marketing Association Tower Awards.

Telling the story of home health coding





Home care medical coding is tough. Let Daymarck show you how we can make it easy and pain-free. Watch this video and sign up for 10 free coding events at