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Effective Lead Generation for Medium BtoB Businesses

Tell Your Story interview with Google's Jennifer Howard. Jennifer is head of Google's btob markets and recently spoke at the monthly Chicago Business Marketing Association luncheon. She discuses how Google search isn't only for very large or very small companies, but just as effective for the middle tier btob companies such as manufacturers, service providers and software companies...

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Integrating Traditional with Evolving Media

One of the things we are often asked to do with our clients is to help plan for major trade show events. In the case of home health coding client Daymarck, we manage all marketing activities and support sales effort leading up to, during and after major shows. While on site, we perform a number of traditional trade show marketing and lead generation tasks, but we also work hard at integrated social media tactics to spread the word on Daymarck’s unique offering to the industry. We also serve as spokespeople on behalf of our clients. In addition to the video below found on our YouTube Channel, we are very active on Twitter, Blogger and getting our Facebook presence off the ground.


Being a small company, Daymarck is unique in that it is pushing the envelope to leverage all of the tools and technologies available to spread the word to the industry. Even if you are smaller, with smaller budgets, you can make a big impact in today’s marketing world mixing the traditional (trade shows) with the evolving (social media).


Integrating Traditional with Evolving Media


Daymarck, one of the leaders in home health coding services for home health agencies, was a proud Title Sponsor of the 2010 Decision Health Home Coding Summit in Philadelphia. Daymarck’s Founder and C…

Daymarck at NAHC Financial Management Conference 2010


Daymarck, a leader in home health coding services for home health agencies, previews its participation in the National Association for Home Care Financial Management Conference in Chicago in July 2010…

Daymarck at NAHC Financial Management Conference 2010


Daymarck, a leader in home health coding services for home health agencies, previews its participation in the National Association for Home Care Financial Management Conference in Chicago in July 2010…

BMA Engage Social Media Team

Great recap video of why the national Business Marketing Association conference leadership put together a team of volunteers to social media the heck out of the national conference. Once again, we were amazed at the power and opportunities we have to understand and deploy social media tactics to help build our brands and spread the word.


BMA Engage Social Media Team


A video look at the social media activities around BMA Engage 2010

Simple, fun and impactful way to tell your story

We recently completed a video and started a YouTube channel for SmartSignal, a technology company that helps avoid the surprises of costly equipment hiccups and shutdowns in the power and oil/gas industries with their leading analytic predictive and diagnostic software, technologies and services.


This video features SmartSignal’s Plant Availability and Performance Solution and communicates its key message of “avoiding surprises” and benefits in an impactful, creative and fun way. We are a big proponent of using videos to help spread the word, and doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to produce with the right people, thinking and resources to help make happen.



Simple, fun and impactful way to tell your story


SmartSignal PlantAPS –

BMA Engage 2010 Reactions

Last week we were part of a great team of people “covering” BMA Engage, the 2010 national conference of the Business Marketing Association. If you missed the action, don’t fear. A fabulous tool used during the conference helped aggregate all social media being conducted at the conference — twitter feeds, youtube videos, photos, blogging and more. You can check out the site at .


In the meantime, here’s a little taste of what I was up to in between sessions – interviewing thought leaders in the crowd.

BMA Engage 2010 Reactions



Interview with Tom Insprucket by George Rafeedie.

Networking Week with Tell Your Story

Social Media Team EventTell Your Story will be attending the national Business Marketing Association national conference this week in Chicago. We are part of the official social media team covering the event. If you can’t make the conference, follow the team here:


Also, I along with other Northwestern integrated marketing graduate alum are putting on the IMC Gathering on the afternoon of June 4. Not too late to sign up for only $99. Here’s where you can get more information:


You can also join the IMC Gathering Facebook Group. All are welcome.

Two Gold Awards at Chicago BMA Towers

business Marketing Tower AwardsWe were awarded two Gold honors at the 27th Annual Chicago Business Marketing Association Tower Awards last week.For home healthcare coding client Daymarck, we entered work within two categories – “Total Communications Under $200,000” and “Video Production – Sales, Product and Corporate Promotions.”


Being a small agency helping clients with smaller budgets, it is very gratifying to be recognized as the best in these major categories — especially against entries from much larger agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Our model of staying lean and providing all of the marketing ingredients without the fat of bigger agencies is proving itself out. We provide the high-level thinking, planning and account management and then go out to our network to execute cost-effective, creative and results-driven work under our flag for our great clients.


More than 70 companies submitted 300 entries in 38 different categories at this year’s Tower Awards. We entered two categories, and won GOLD in both. The judges, listed below, were all senior level marketers from organizations and agencies across the U.S. Some agencies didn’t like the fact that no “pure agency creatives” acted as judges. Although I agree there should have been agency creative representation, it was an honor to have our work judged by a great group of client-side marketers.


Chicago BMA Tower Award Judges – 2010 – We are glad you liked our work.



Daymarck Social Channel
See video on Daymarck’s YouTube channel and visit web site for elements of the overall campaign. Thanks to our client, Daymarck, for the opportunity to do great work and

Develop and inspire the builders of marketing

Rishad Tobaccowala from Publicis Group’s VivaKi talks about how the great innovators of history were builders first, and the same holds true through the history of great marketing. Hire and develop the creative builders first, let them fail and learn from their mistakes. He says that excellence, creativity and innovation start with great people and that should be the focus of the industry. “Our industry is about talent” and not about anything else. Develop and inspire the talent. And then unleash them to do great things.