B2 Award for OnRamp Work

B2 Award for OnRamp Work

BMA B2 AwardsAs a result of developing an extensive integrated marketing and brand positioning campaign for client OnRamp Transportation Services, Tell Your Story has won an Award of Excellence through the BMA B2 Awards Program, an international business-to-business marketing and communications contest that recognizes excellence among agencies and corporate marketers.

The BMA B2 Awards recognize the people who refuse to take the easy way out. Where others honor style over results, the B2 Awards honor the successful balancing of both.

After working with OnRamp Transportation to create a clear objective and strategy, we helped them utilize a variety of integrated marketing communication tactics to tell a great story with purpose. OnRamp’s main objective was to create brand awareness and increase leads from independent truckers and small to mid-size carriers. Collaborating with OnRamp executives, we discovered the customers’ desire of wanting to be independent, but not wanting to go at it alone. With that information in-hand, we developed a campaign message based on,  “Everything we do is to help you be more independent, successful and fulfilled within the trucking transportation industry.”

Utilizing a variety of integrated marketing tactics including, creative concepting, print ads, paid search, public relations and social media, we were able to successfully put the purpose and message to action. We took full advantage of social media by placing and managing OnRamp’s message on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We also conducted aggressive media relations including news releases, subject matter expert interviews, and press kits, all targeted to trucking transportation and local media.

With aggressive utilization of marketing tactics and social media, OnRamp saw major success with 142 favorable articles in top-tier trucking and local media articles (both online and offline) which equated to more than 2 million impressions and $340,000 in advertising equivalency — all in 6 months. Our social media and PR efforts also resulted in more than 172,000 impressions and increased traffic to the website, constituting top three traffic referrers for the site.

BMA (Business Marketing Association) is the world’s premier community devoted exclusively to advancing the B2B marketing profession. With a 90-year history of success and membership involving 567 corporations, 478 agencies, 47 states, and 30 countries.

We were happy to be an important part of OnRamp’s launch and marketing strategies, providing them with measurable results, and we are honored to have won this prestigious award.

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