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The Chicago Tribune Honors Boston Marathon Tragedy With Heartfelt Ad

On April 15th, 2013, the eyes of the world turned to the Boston Marathon as tragedy engulfed a day of tradition and celebration. In the wake of the bombings, social media erupted as the nation turned to the Internet desperate to connect for more information, reassurance, and to check on friends and family. What to do during a tragedy such as the events that occurred at the Boston Marathon is always a delicate and difficult situation for the media.   While thoughts, prayers and condolences seemingly overtook social media sites, one of the most memorable and genuine responses came from an unlikely source- The Chicago Tribune. Plastered on the front page of the Sports section, The Tribune honored Boston by connecting both cities through their love and dedication of sports. In the world of sports, to cheer for the rival is unconventional and unheard of, but with over 11,000 likes, 12,000+ shares, and...

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Celebrate the Super Mom

Karen Rafeedie Story WriterAs you all should know, today is International Women’s Day. And as I thought about all of the great women that have made this world what it is today, my mind kept going to my wife and how she describes herself on her LinkedIn Profile.
Karen Rafeedie
Creative Director | Writer | Super Mom


We’re fortunate to live in a world today that allows women like my wife to have a choice to pursue a career and be fulfilled professionally, and at the same time have the ability to be the Super Mom that she absolutely is.  My boys and I are truly blessed to have her.


Karen has been fortunate to be employed for ten years for a woman-owned business, Remedy. The leaders of Remedy are Super Moms in their own right. And it’s been amazing seeing Karen keep growing at Remedy while at the same time developing into the incredible mother that she is, doing the things that great mothers do.


So as this day winds down, take a moment and think of a woman or two you can celebrate. Mine was pretty close to home, and I’m extremely grateful for that.