Monumental Shift in Search

One of our Tell Your Story network partners Nick Yorchak from Big Footprint Digital blogs about the “monumental shift in search” in the most recent issue of BMA Buzz.


This is just one of the things that have been written recently that stresses that it is all about great content and distributing that content consistently — not SEO tricks and tips — that gets you noticed.


B2B SEO and the next generation of search – Business Marketing Association

Back to School Means Back to Networking

I had a great last several days of summer. I was fortunate enough to stay flexible with my work schedule while spending a lot of time with my 7-year-old son who was in between summer camp and the start of school. A portion of that time was called “Daddy Camp” and I hope it will be an August tradition.


Although you may think all good things must come to an end, I couldn’t be more excited. As my son embarks onto a new adventure to 2nd grade, I get to rev up my networking engines. And I started it last night by attending the Chicago Business Marketing Association (BMA) membership event on a rooftop overlooking a Cubs game at historic Wrigley Field.


Yes, the Cubs lost, but it was still a great night. Networking with marketing folks energizes me and helps me prioritize my professional thinking and goals. I meet new people and connect with old friends. We catch up, talk, make connections and hopefully walk away with that something extra that can help us take the next step in our professional lives.


Whether it’s BMA, an alumni association or any other formal or informal group, back to school means back to networking. Take advantage of the buzz in the air and make it work for you.


P.S. I’m biased, but the Chicago BMA is the best place to do marketing networking in the city. Check out for a schedule of events.

Bringing the Olympic Marketing Story to You

EVENT ALERT: Chicago BMA. Come help share and carry on the Olympic spirit with Lisa Baird, Chief Marketing Officer of the US Olympic Committee, September 13th at the BMA Marketing Innovators Luncheon in Chicago! Make sure to register today for what is sure to be a sellout event!




Bringing the Olympic Marketing Story to You

A promotional commercial for the upcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London, England.

Archive footage used from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.


Voice over used from reading of Carl Sagan’s “Pale Blu…


Standing as one of the most iconic, historical, and influential events in the world, the Olympic Games are something that bring the world together not only for our love of competition, but also with aspiration and hope. The Olympic Games are something that truly transcends sport; it stands for hope and tolerance, while bringing people with different stories and backgrounds together from all over the world, and giving small, unknown countries a chance in the big world.


As billions of people sat around their television to watch the opening ceremony, the Olympic Spirit was brought to life, shared and felt worldwide. The spirit of community, pride, love and hope is something that has resonated within each and every one of us for the past two weeks as we anxiously watched each country fight through the blood, sweat and tears for the chance to wear that gold medal around their neck.


The most wonderful aspect of any Games is in the ‘spirit’ that is ignited throughout the world and the stories of those who participate. The ability of these emotional, heartfelt stories to have such a profound impact on us just goes to show how powerful telling a story can be.


Rocky Mountain BMA High


Our friends of the Colorado chapter of the Business Marketing Association are having a one-day regional event in August that you won’t want to miss if you are in the Denver area, or plan on being there. We wish we could attend, so if you go please report back. Here are the details.


“FromSurviving to Thriving: Mastering Technology in Your Marketing World,” is a one-day regional event on August 16, 2012 in Denver, Colorado. Corporate thought leaders, innovative agencies and the technology companies that power all of it, will share insights and tackle questions about what marketers need to know about succeeding in this technological driven business world.


Technology affects almost every aspect of our lives. Just look around and you will see just how wired we are. Over the past few decades, information technology has changed the face and pace of the marketing and advertising world, and we live in a day and age where smart use of technology and the Internet are vital to the success of a company. Just like technology these days, the advertising and marketing industries have a profound impact on culture in American society. With marketing under intense pressure to measure and improve its effectiveness across digital channels, it is extremely important for companies to know how to survive and thrive in these technological times.


This event will feature two keynote speeches from Louise Clements (@louise_clements), President of MRM Canada, and Tim Riesterer (@TReisterer), Chief Strategy Officer of CorporateVisions, along with four breakout panels each focused on a separate key topic—customer experience, demand generation, marketing automation and content marketing. Come hear the marketing heavy hitters from Aprimo, Eloqua,, 1to1 Media, TeleTech, R2integrated, Satmetrix, MIT’s Technology Review, Teradata and others. The event includes continental breakfast, lunch, networking and a cocktail hour.


Don’t miss this great opportunity to learn from the best! And say hi to Carla, Marilee and Karen (BMA Colorado) while you’re out there! Tell them Tell Your Story says hi.


From Surviving ToThriving: Mastering Technology in Your Marketing World

B2 Award for OnRamp Work

BMA B2 AwardsAs a result of developing an extensive integrated marketing and brand positioning campaign for client OnRamp Transportation Services, Tell Your Story has won an Award of Excellence through the BMA B2 Awards Program, an international business-to-business marketing and communications contest that recognizes excellence among agencies and corporate marketers.


The BMA B2 Awards recognize the people who refuse to take the easy way out. Where others honor style over results, the B2 Awards honor the successful balancing of both.


Chickens, Brand Architecture and Other Things I Learned at #BMAGROW

GROW BMA Conference

I’m still digesting all of the great presentations and experiences from this year’s, 2012 Business Marketing Association National Conference, GROW, but here are a few things I learned:


Chickens and Brand Architecture Just Don’t Mix


You had me at chickens, but lost me at architecture. I loved the start of the presentation by BBN Global Network, Bader Rutter and Pfizer Animal Health about Global Brand Activation. Pfizer Animal Health’s poultry business embarked on developing a global brand and they started out by using great visuals in their presentation evoking affection and emotion about what they do. Then they got into the brand architecture and positioning mumbo jumbo language and hard-to-read slides and lost me. Then again, maybe it was too early after a late night at Red Head Piano Bar.


Consistent Quality Networking is Key to Career Happiness


I’ve had the great opportunity to attend many national BMA conferences. I am involved on the local level and have always worked for companies who believe in the value of the organization. Over the past four days, it was confirmed to me that the ones doing the right amount of networking consistently over time are the ones who are most successful and happiest with their careers. BMA gives B2B marketers that forum.


Tell Your Story Welcomes Intern Bailey Madden

Bailey Social PRHi! I am happy to report that I am Tell Your Story Brand Communications’ newest team member. Every once in awhile, I’ll share my point of view on different topics in the world on the blog for your (and my) enjoyment. Now, I’ll tell you a little about myself…


With my college years quickly coming to a close, my life is about to be thrown for a loop. Not only will I be done with college, but the idea of a “big girl” job will not be so far off. After graduating with a double-major in Public Relations and Communication, I hope to gain a public relations or marketing communications position working at an agency or in-house for a corporate brand.


In my spare time, I love to run and exercise – especially when Chicago decides beautiful weather is appropriate. Due to being a bit of a bookworm, I suppose reading is where my love for writing came from.


My public relations experience all started when I was selected to be a consumer marketing intern at the reputable GolinHarris international public relations agency. Completely overwhelmed and intimidated at first, I quickly learned the ins and outs of public relations by working on several clients in the food industry. At GolinHarris, I wrote media materials such as press releases, pitches, fact sheets, and corporate announcements. I even got to do some writing for a corporate web site, which was awesome. Needless to say, I fell in love with public relations as a whole and never looked back.


So, this is what brings me to you and Tell Your Story, i.e., a love for public relations and a desire to show you what I can do. I hope to bring everything that I’ve learned both in work experience and class work full circle so that my work produced here is the best that it can be. That being said, I’m excited for this opportunity and cannot wait to get to work.

Tell Your Story Welcomes Intern Emily Higgins

Tell Your Story InternshipHi! My name is Emily Higgins and I am a new intern for Tell Your Story. This is the first step in building my post college career and I’m very excited about this opportunity to assist George, Amanda and the Tell Your Story team in the unique and personal way they promote their clients’ brands.


I am currently a senior at DePaul University where I am studying for a degree in Communications and Media. However, where I started is far from where I am now. Over the past three years, I’ve had a variety of experiences, beginning with attending the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) my freshman year.


I packed up and moved south in hopes of branching out and experiencing something new. Over the course of that year, I had many incredible experiences including the legendary football atmosphere, getting a taste of a very different culture, and had the opportunity to get a first-hand experience at the 2008 Presidential debates between Barack Obama and John McCain that took place on campus.


Although Ole Miss was everything I had imagined and more, I found that you can take the girl out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the girl. I yearned to be back in the Midwest where I missed deep-dish pizza, Lake Michigan, fellow Bears fans, and shopping along Michigan Avenue— some of the things that make Chicago the best city in the world, and made my decision to transfer to DePaul easy.


In my spare time I am a volunteer at PAWS Chicago, a local animal shelter, where I help promote the idea of adoption and goal of creating a No Kill Chicago for stray and abandoned pets.


My major in Communications and Media at DePaul has piqued my interest in business communications, and I am eager to express my creativity and enthusiasm through my work at Tell Your Story!


Feel free to email me at