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Tell Your Story is one of five finalists in Crain’s Chicago Business’ annual “A Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur” video contest.


The contest’s goal is to give an insight into the entrepreneurial experience. We invite you to check out our video to learn more about Tell Your Story, including how it came to be, challenges, a tour of the office and some of our client work.


Voting ends Friday, Sep. 30th and a winner will be announced on or around Monday, Oct. 3.
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Intern’s View – Tell Your Story Welcomes Deneen DiFranco

Deneen Marketing Communication PRHi all! My name is Deneen and I am the new Marketing Communications Intern here at Tell Your Story. I am very excited to have the opportunity to help tell your stories and hope you enjoy reading my future blog posts. But before I start sharing those stories, here is a little about mine.


I recently graduated from Columbia College Chicago where I studied Marketing Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. My journey into the world of PR began at community college when I registered for what I thought was a journalism class mysteriously named Media Writing. That semester I learned about a profession I knew very little about previously and was hooked. I purchased an AP Stylebook, traded feature stories for press releases and never looked back.


I can brag that I have braved the last two Chicago winters, however I am originally from a small shore town in southern New Jersey where I, coincidentally, grew up on Windy Cove. You might be wondering why I chose Chicago over New York City and the answer is I like good pizza (sorry thin crust fans).


I am a self-proclaimed member of the grammar police (no oxford commas allowed) and spend far too much time researching recipes that I will never get around to actually cooking. However, lately I have been spending my days assembling Swedish furniture in my first apartment!


This is a very exciting time in my life and I cannot wait to utilize that enthusiasm in my work for Tell Your Story. Make sure to check back to see my progress and read about what our clients are up to! Better yet, suscribe to our RSS Feed so you never miss an update.


Feel free to email me at

Tell Your Story with Social PR

Tell Your Story with Social PR


Tell Your Story PR and Social Media Manager Amanda Stewart talks about our capabilities in the area and the work for a few clients.

Tell Your Story’s PR & Social Media Manager Amanda Stewart talks about Social PR and the great results we are getting for our clients. Recorded at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas in August 2011.

Bose: Making Trucking Safer

Chicago Marketing Professional Dallas Trucking Show Professional Business Communication


Wow.That is all I can say about the Bose presence at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas this week. Bose at a trucking show? Why would they have a big, expensive booth at a show catered to professional truck drivers? Oh, I get it. Sound technology, cool speakers, “pimped out” trucks with a bass boomin’ cab.


No. Nope. None of the above.


If you know anything about Bose, you know that it’s an engineer-driven company. Its history began at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Bose’s core technology is based on the study of vibration. The study of vibration and how it relates to sound (and enjoying music and watching movies and sports on TV) has propelled it into one of the most respected companies and brands in the world.


So what’s the connection with truckers? If you’ve ever driven in a Class 8 truck, semi, or any vehicle made for hauling freight, you know that it isn’t the most comfortable ride due to many factors, including the constant vibrations. Vibrations are caused constantly throughout the truck, cab, drivers’ seat and, as Bose has found, the entire body of the driver!


We all know that truck drivers don’t have the healthiest of occupations. Sitting for long periods of time, bending and lifting heavy objects, stress, fatigue, the inability to eat properly maintained meals. Add constant vibrations to their bodies, and inner organs, and you can see why truck drivers are at more risk than average Americans for a number of health problems.


To help alleviate the issue of constant vibration, Bose has entered into the truck market with a revolutionary new seat for truck drivers. With a price tag of about $6,000 fully installed, drivers can experience an incredible reduction in overall vibration for a more comfortable, healthier, and life-prolonging ride.


To illustrate that point in their booth at the Great American Trucking Show, Bose constructed an elaborate presence complete with vibration stations, driving demonstrations, health statistics and many other proof points to show drivers that vibrations within a truck are harming drivers long-term.


For instance, one station cleverly demonstrated how the vibrations impact your vision. First, you watched a video of an intersection with changes happening, such as a light turning red or a pedestrian appearing. Next, you watched the same video as if you were in the seat of a truck, getting bumped around. It was amazing to see the difference. On the second video, you missed nearly all of the changes that were clear if you were riding smoothly. It was a genius way to demonstrate how the Bose product could prevent an accident.


Bravo to Bose. Examples like this are one of the reasons we love business-to-business marketing. Yes, Bose has been in the business of marketing to other businesses and professionals for some time, but who would have thought that they would market their vibration technologies to truckers. And better yet, this technology helps prolong the lives of hard-working men and women who help keep this country moving.


For more info on Bose’s heavy-duty drive system for truckers, visit

Social Media Drives Membership

Social Media Membership


The August issue of the national Business Marketing Association newsletter features how social media is helping drive membership for the Chicago chapter. We are big supporters of the BMA and play a role in keeping it the nation’s strongest chapter. Check out some of the things we’ve been involved with to make thing happen for this great organization.

Intern’s view – Make Your Connections Count

On July 27 2011, the Tell Your Story team and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Sima Dahl’s launch party for her new book she co-authored called Make Your Connections Count. The event was held in the beautiful Metropolitan Club at the Willis Tower. Tell Your Story’s Founder, George Rafeedie, was the co-host of the event and gave a rousing introduction. The night was filled with networking, fabulous hors d'oeuvres, and a speech from the one and only Sima Dahl.   Simaspoke to her close colleagues and fans about her pivotal career choices and the path that led her to where she is now. As a University of Illinois graduate,Sima Dahl launched Parlay Communications in 2008 to advise professionals on digital branding and communications. She has helped hundreds of job seekers and ladder climbers learn the art of networking both in-person and online. Sima teaches how to utilize social media...

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