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Our trip keeps getting better. On Saturday we spent the afternoon in the central shopping district walking around the Sir Stuart Hogg Market, or New Market. It was built by the British in 1873 and is comprised of hundreds of vendors selling everything from spices, to fish, to t-shirts and jewelry. Residents of Kolkata can get anything and everything they need from the market, and tourists are definitely welcome. We did some shopping and bargaining with several colorful characters and walked out with a few nice items to remember the trip by. It is named after Sir Stuart Saunders Hogg who was an advocate for the building of the market while serving in many British governmental roles.


George Rafeedie Marketing BusinessAt one point Kolkata was the capital of the British Empire’s presence in India. It was also the intellectual and cultural center of India for many decades. However, when the British decided to move the capital do Dehli, and with the decline of industry, Kolkata went on a steady decline up to the modern day. Here is more in-depth information on Kolkata.


Sanjeev’s parents, Gopal and Neena, pictured above, have lived in Kolkata together since the 1950s.

Chicago to Delhi to Kolkata

P2190031If you have been following our Twitter updates, you know we are now in Kolkata. We were only in Delhi for one day, but it was a great visit. Our hosts were incredibly hospitable and what I was able to see of the city made me realize how historic this part of the world is. We were able to visit The Red Fort, India Gate and The Parliament Buildings. Plus, we had lunch at a place that was one of Bill Clinton’s favorites when he visited as president in 2000 – Bukhara at the ITC Hotel.


We are now in Kolkata for the weekend to visit Sanjeev’s family. We just had a great dinner with his parents and brother, and we look forward to a weekend of relaxation, site seeing (and some work) as we prepare for our trip to visit our partners in Bangalore on Monday and Tuesday.


SANJEEV: As we sit in the airport contemplating our 15 hour flight across the world, I am thinking about a past that is so much a part of my future. I return to the streets I grew up in, with George, introducing him to the food I ate and loved, and the people that are family. This journey should be interesting as we mix business and pleasure and indoctrinate George in the ways of India.

Why we are going to India

So why are we going to India? Let’s start here.


BlueSilver is a marketing consultancy that uses a variety of resources to help develop and execute marketing and marketing communications plans. BlueSilver founder, Sanjeev Ahuja, and I (George Rafeedie) serve all kinds of roles for our clients including high level consultants, account executives, collaborators and integrators of marketing resources. We have a network of designers, writers, programmers, PR professionals and interactive experts in the United States we use regularly. We also have a strong strategic partner with Bangalore, India-based Basil Communications. Basil helps us execute many print design production and programming tasks on behalf of our clients. In addition, we represent Basil in the United States and introduce their leadership and capabilities to agencies and organizations who want to explore using global resources.


This specific trip will serve many purposes, but the main reason is to visit Basil with an agency from the United States who is interested in exploring Basil’s capabilities in more detail.