Favorite Food. So Far.

Favorite Food. So Far.

George Rafeedie Business MeetingIf you’ve been to an Indian restaurant anywhere in the world, you’ve probably seen or had Butter Chicken or Murgh makhani. It’s a great dish of chicken in a wonderful and ingredient-filled sauce typically eaten over rice. As is the case most of the time, dishes seem to jump out a bit more when you are eating them in the country of origin. We’ve had it twice so far in Dehli and Kolkata and look forward to it again soon.

For people who grew up in India, the “street food” is a favorite. For various reasons, Westerners like myself probably should stay away from the street food. However, it is fun watching it being prepared, sold and eaten all over the place. Maybe I’ll have to break down and try something before I leave!

Another great dish includes kabobs of chicken or lamb covered in all kinds of spices. When we were in Dehli we had great Kabobs at one of the city’s famous restaurants, Bukhara.

Home cooked lightly fried prawns, lamb and chicken patties as light appetizers and deep-fried mashed potato patties round out my list.

But I can’t leave out the fact that the Chinese cuisine in Kolkata is excellent. We dined last night at the Taj Bengal Hotel’s, Chinoisorrie, with Sanjeev’s brother, Bicky, pictured above.

More on food later from me and Sanjeev.