Final Thoughts on our India Trip

Blue Silver Marketing ConsultancyHere are some final thoughts, but also some summary comments since we want this blog to live for a while for people interested in the reasons we made our trip to India during February 2009.First, BlueSilver Inc. is a marketing consultancy that uses a variety of resources to help develop and execute marketing and marketing communications plans. In today’s economy, agencies and corporations have to be creative with how they develop and execute marketing communications tactics. Organizations must look at all marketing execution scenarios to help sustain their activity to help spur growth.

The main reason we were in India was to visit our creative design production and programming partner, Basil Communications, and introduce a global U.S.-based marketing communications firm to the global capabilities a Basil and BlueSilver partnership has to offer. Mission accomplished. We had a great set of meetings that included meeting our team in Bangalore and reviewing in-depth capabilities in design, production, illustration and programming. We also spent time watching the team in India work in real time with an agency in North America on several projects.

While in India, we also got to tour the country a bit visiting the nation’s capital, Delhi; the former industrial and cultural center of the Indian British empire, Kolkata; and of course, the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. We’ve posted comments and photos from each step of our trip and we also posted more frequent Twitter updates at

On a final note on the global creative sourcing front, our advice is to fully explore your options and global capabilities that are out there. Be honest about the challenges that you and your organizations are willing to experience to really give doing things differently for growth a chance. If you want help exploring those challenges, and opportunities the come along with overcoming them, please don’t hesitate to contact Sanjeev Ahuja or George Rafeedie at In the meantime, enjoy the content in this blog. We hope you find it useful.