Intern’s view – Make Your Connections Count

Intern’s view – Make Your Connections Count

Professional Brand StoryOn July 27 2011, the Tell Your Story team and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Sima Dahl’s launch party for her new book she co-authored called Make Your Connections Count. The event was held in the beautiful Metropolitan Club at the Willis Tower. Tell Your Story’s Founder, George Rafeedie, was the co-host of the event and gave a rousing introduction. The night was filled with networking, fabulous hors d’oeuvres, and a speech from the one and only Sima Dahl.

Simaspoke to her close colleagues and fans about her pivotal career choices and the path that led her to where she is now. As a University of Illinois graduate,Sima Dahl launched Parlay Communications in 2008 to advise professionals on digital branding and communications. She has helped hundreds of job seekers and ladder climbers learn the art of networking both in-person and online. Sima teaches how to utilize social media tools to create a unique personal brand and expand your professional network.

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Make Your Connections Count is written by many co-authors who are specialists in personal branding. These top experts united to create a valuable resource for professionals to make their connections count and for businesses to prosper in today’s technological world.

Tell Your Story Brand Communications is so proud of Sima Dahl’s efforts and highly recommends the book Make Your Connections Count.

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