Intern’s View – Tell Your Story’s First Intern Briley Bollinger

Intern’s View – Tell Your Story’s First Intern Briley Bollinger

Briley Marketing CommunicationGreetings! I am Tell Your Story’s NEW Marketing Communications Intern, and I’ll be sharing my views from time-to-time on things I hope you find interesting. That said, here’s a little about me.I am so excited to embark on this new chapter of life. I am a recent graduate of Columbia College Chicago where I received my degree in Marketing Communications and a concentration in Public Relations. I have lived in Chicago for the past four years, but I’m far from a city girl, for my roots come from good ole Viola, Illinois, near the Quad Cities. Needless to say, it was hard for my mother to watch her little girl and the oldest of five go from population 900 to 3 million.

I have always dreamnt of having a marketing job that gives me the freedom to express my creative talents. Also, I am able to use transferable skills I have learned from Columbia and past employment.

Throughout college, I was employed at Gap, Moody Bible Institute’s Lifeway Christian Bookstore, and the Coach store at Water Tower Mall. I interned at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida in September of 2008 and am currently seasonal status.

Another passion of mine growing up was pageantry. I was an ambassador of Mercer County, Illinois, where I promoted agriculture and county fairs. I also had the honor to represent the Miss Blackhawk Valley Organization where I promoted Children’s Miracle Network and my personal platform Tween Alert: Reach Before Rescue.

My platform allowed me to teach tweens ages 7-14 about making good decisions in their life before bad decisions negatively impact their future endeavors.>As I embrace this new position, I hope to take Tell Your Story to a new level.

I will create brand awareness, build business-to-business relationships, utilize social media, and make use of my creativity on behalf of current and future clients. Everyday I try to remind myself that half of doing anything is just believing that you can. I believe this new chapter at Tell Your Story is just the beginning of the great things yet to come. Connect with me on Linkedin –