Stealing the Highest Form of Flattery?

Stealing the Highest Form of Flattery?

Marketing Innovators ChicagoIf there is one thing we took away from attending the Business Marketing Association‘s Marketing Innovators Luncheon on October 12th, it’s that original ideas are overrated in the marketing world. The luncheon’s special guest and speaker, Dan Michelson, introduced the controversial idea. Michelson, Chief Marketing Officer at Allscripts, the most utilized electronic health record solutions company in the healthcare arena today, discussed the unnecessary need for originality during his remarks. Instead he suggested marketers should do the reasonable thing – steal from one another. Stealing, a word with such negative connotations, perhaps we’ll meet Dan in the middle and call it ‘borrowing’? No matter the word choice, the advice makes sense. If something is working for someone else, why don’t you do it too if it makes sense for your company, organization or client?

No matter your stance, it’s an undeniable fact that Dan has played a major role in leading Allscripts to the top of the healthcare technology industry, growing the company’s employee pool from 200 to 6,000 workers and increasing revenue to over $1.5 billion. Tell Your Story has been there to watch the company grow as we serve our healthcare industry client, Daymarck, who aims to make medical coding easy and pain-free for home-healthcare professionals.

Intrigued by Dan’s philosophy? Watch this video we ‘stole’ from BMAChicago to hear more from the Allscripts CMO himself.

We want to hear your thoughts. Is there less nobility in following another company’s lead, or is using the ideas of others a smart business tactic? Comment below or tweet us at @tellyourstorybc.

The One Question with Dan Michelson, Allscripts