Stories of Innovation are Inspiring

I had the opportunity last night to attend the Chicago Business Marketing Association board dinner with special guests that are part of today’s Innovation panel at the BMA luncheon. If you can make the luncheon today, I would highly recommend it. They all have great stories to tell.


You have to have guts and vision to innovate. What was most interesting about the night was that we heard stories from two very traditional Chicago companies: 100-year-old United States Gypsum Corporation (USG) and Molex, plus the founders of two companies that are still in start-up stage, but very successful so far: InContext Solutions and SoCore Engergy. All companies were winners at the 2010 Chicago Innovation Awards, and both have leaders and people with guts and vision to take risks, be aggressive and ultimately make things happen.


I’m home with a sick kid today, so can’t make the luncheon. But if yesterday was any indication of the great stories you’ll hear today, you will not want to miss. Here’s a preview.


Lastly, a special shout out to the BMA Chicago social media committee who has worked hard spreading the word about this event and will be live tweeting today. Make sure to join in on the social media activity, and follow us here