Stories Shared With a Mentor

Stories Shared With a Mentor

Stories Shared With a Mentor


A Rick Segal tribute video from George Rafeedie. Read blog post here:

I visited with old colleagues this past weekend and spoke at a tribute dinner honoring my former boss, mentor and friend, Rick Segal.


Rick is one of the founders of HSR Business to Business, which now goes by the name of gyro. He is leaving the agency business to a higher calling of teaching at Bethlehem College & Seminary.


Rick gave me two life-changing opportunities that helped shape me and guide me toward what I am today — fulfilled.


After nearly 20 years of knowing someone and 8 years reporting to them, a lot of stories emerge.


There was the story of the stolen sausage.


And of the Irishman and the turkey.


And who can forget the quote from the cleaning crew that helped guide our work ethic philosophy?


Of course, I couldn’t leave out Boutros Boutros Ghali or Frank Bettger.


And dancing. Dancing and celebrations help bring all of these stories together.


Long lasting and meaningful relationships are built on a foundation of stories. Good, bad, happy and sad. I focused on the good and happy during my tribute.


It was satisfying and gratifying to relive and tell those stories in a way that I hope put a bow tie, if you will, on the influence Rick has had on my life. He gave me a chance when all I needed was one to restart my career. He gave me an opportunity to test out my entrepreneurial blood when some may have said I was still a pup. He had faith in me before I had the confidence to lead. And he helped me realize my strengths, and weaknesses, to lead me down the path I am on now.


And as I said in my tribute, I have a long way to go, but I love the path that I’m on now. Thanks, Rick, for getting me on this path.


George “The Rock” Rafeedie (yes, there’s a story behind that, too)


The Rock & Rick Segal