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For Organizations Who Care, Saying Nothing Not an Option

I had never seen this quote before. But it’s absolutely true. Neutrality sends a powerful message, whether you like it or not.   It almost seems trivial to write about something as important as this from a marketing perspective. But as a marketer, consultant and entrepreneur, I have an obligation.   Truthfully, I’ve struggled articulating this for some reason. While I’m not neutral at all – and rarely am on issues of social justice and oppression – this has been hard for me to communicate when I have had the chance in conversations with clients, business partners and friends.   But after a weekend of taking a deep breath and catching up with friends, many of them successful entrepreneurs and influencers, it comes down to this:   For organizations who care, saying nothing (and doing nothing) is not an option.   It used to be that businesses and organizations could sit back and believe it was not their role to...

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