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Twenty Thoughts for 2020

I started this post on January 3rd, but the life of George in 2020 is already hectic. Good, but hectic. So this is being published a little later than planned, but I hope valuable and entertaining, nonetheless. Here are my 20 thoughts to kick off 2020.   My entrepreneurial, marketing and life journeys are ever-evolving. For your amusement and pondering, here are 20 thoughts for 2020 that I currently have on these subjects. Be forewarned – my thoughts may change daily and I stray into some politics, too. Hope you enjoy. Everyone should be an owner at least one time in his or her life. Find a mentor (or several) and learn from their entrepreneurial journey and create your own. All you need is a passion or idea. Tons of capital not always needed. You - and only you - should define your own success as an entrepreneur. Don’t think the only...

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WaterCooler TV Season 1

That’s a wrap! In February, Tell Your Story and FUNGI Media launched WaterCooler TV, a twist on your typical water cooler conversations, to highlight great stories in the business world. During Season 1, we hosted a variety of business leaders, marketers and founders, and chatted around the quintessential water cooler about everything from building community and franchising to self-driving cars, meteorology and more. Here’s a recap of Season 1:   Episode 1 | Smarketing 101 with Rebecca Oistad   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOnRcPAqlsI   In Episode 1, we talked about marketing strategy, understanding your audience and putting what you’ve learned from past successes into practice for the future with Rebecca Oistad, VP of Marketing at TPC Training.   Episode 2 | The Juice on Twisted Alchemy   [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRQ_cD2QYyg[/embed]   Cheers to this episode with the Scott and Kim Holstein, co-founders of Twisted Alchemy! Hear about the inspiration behind their curated, cold-pressed juice biz and how it all began with a birthday party.   Episode 3 | Franchising...

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