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12 Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Are you utilizing LinkedIn to network, connect and boost your personal brand? When was the last time you updated your profile or shared a post?   With 610 million users, LinkedIn is arguably the most valuable social channel for professionals and B2B marketers. It isn’t just for job seekers. In fact, 8 out of 10 LinkedIn members drive business decisions. Hello professional relationships and new clients.   Not only does an active LinkedIn profile raise your own credibility, sharing your company’s content— in addition to what you are doing (and thinking about) in your professional life— boosts your company’s brand.   Check out this infographic for simple ways to improve your profile and tap into the power of LinkedIn.   Want to learn more about how to optimize your personal LinkedIn profile? We’re here to help. Tell Your Story offers both in-person and online workshops for teams of all sizes. Contact us for more info....

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LinkedIn Advertising: The Best B2B Targeting is Still the Cheapest

LinkedIn's InMail ad placement is nothing new – the platform has been delivering Sponsored InMails to their users’ inboxes for several years. But somehow, advertisers (and LinkedIn itself) still seem slow to recognize the power of this tactic. Advertisers and agencies often opt for the seemingly greater exposure of the LinkedIn newsfeed through the promotion of sponsored content. And while LinkedIn Sponsored Content has its place in any B2B marketing plan, the high Cost Per Click - $15 CPC anyone? - can quickly become cost prohibitive, closing that avenue for a lot of small business or B2B marketers under a tight budget.   Luckily, the exact same set of audience segmentation tools that underpin the highly competitive LinkedIn newsfeed targeting is also behind InMail targeting. The ability to target by job title, job function, industry, or essentially any piece of user provided profile information, coupled with some compelling ad copy and an...

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Social Media Advertising 101: How to Get Started

Social news feeds have become a highly competitive space over the last few years, as platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and most recently, Instagram, have opened their self-service advertising models to all businesses. In order to get the maximum results and ROI desired from their content, brands and organizations are finding they have to “pay-to-play” in the social media game. Achieving stellar results organically is more difficult than ever as competition for eyeballs continues to increase, and various marketing research supports the notion that organic reach will be next to zero in the next few years.   Social media advertising, when planned, executed, optimized and measured correctly, is an effective way to: • Increase brand awareness • Extend content reach and help ensure content is served in the right place, at the right time • Promote thought leadership • Create engagement and dialogue among influencers and audiences • Drive targeted website traffic • Enhance SEO and build...

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