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Visiting Professional for the Week

    [caption id="attachment_1843" align="aligncenter" width="225"] Jerry Sloan & George Rafeedie[/caption]   This week I am the Jerry Sloan Visiting Professional of Public Relations at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. What an honor – and incredibly surreal. He was my advisor and professor when I attended OU in the early 1990s. I've loved keeping in touch with him since and am proud to serve in a teaching capacity this week in his name. Not only is Jerry Sloan a mentor to me professionally, but personally, since the day I met him, he has been a role model. He cares about his students, alum, his former colleagues and especially his family in a way that has been inspiring to me.   Also inspiring, even to this day, are memories of lectures that made vivid imprints on our brains that helped us visualize what we could achieve in this great world of public relations and marketing...

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Forget Relying on Tools. Focus on Developing Your Skills Instead

  If social media is constantly evolving, do social media experts really exist? Good question. Google changes its algorithm. Facebook changes its news feed. How do you adapt when the tools you use for marketing keep changing? The answer is simple: the tools don’t matter. Your foundation does. This article points out that the real value lies in your ability to communicate, and that’s where you should strive for expertise. We couldn’t agree more.   Read the source article at

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What does #Twitter’s IPO mean for marketers?

[caption id="attachment_1684" align="aligncenter" width="288"] Source: Link[/caption] Since Twitter announced that it filed for IPO in early October, the interwebs have been buzzing with excitement and curiosity.  What will the final share price be? Can Twitter generate revenues and profits from its business? Hello, anyone remember Facebook’s IPO? And most importantly, what does this mean for “my” industry?   With over 200 million users Twitter is hardly an underground experience, but people are speculating whether this IPO will finally push Twitter mainstream.  With “TWTR” flashing across the ticker, we think that those not currently engaging with this platform might be intrigued enough to sign up. Especially since the share price was announced at $26 and is now trading at $45 per share (as of 10:30 a.m. CST, 11/7/2013.) A whole new generation of consumers is paying attention to Twitter now and no doubt brands and marketers are strategizing on how best to connect and...

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Tell Your Story Shares Rebranding Advice with NBC Chicago’s Inc. Well

Tell Your Story founder George Rafeedie took a turn as guest blogger for Inc.Well, a Chicago how-to business blog, giving some good rebranding advice.   When faced with revamping brand identity, businesses large and small will find these tips valuable. At the core, it is knowing your message and purpose – your story – that will keep your brand successful, and your customers happy.   Read what George had to say here: How to Revamp Your Brand without Losing (and Confusing) Customers...

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5 Ways to Maximize Trade Shows with PR and Social Media

Let’s face it. Trade shows are expensive. Between renting the booth space, paying for your team’s travel expenses, creating an attractive booth, printing literature, and purchasing giveaway items, trade shows can be a major investment and eat up a large portion of your overall marketing budget. So why not maximize your spend by using public relations and social media at the show? Here are 5 of the ways that we support our clients at tradeshows— before, during and after—with “SocialPR.”     [caption id="attachment_1370" align="alignright" width="200"] Amanda facilitating media interview atGreat American Truck Show for clientOnRamp Transportation Services.[/caption] 1) Meet the press. Journalists in your industry are attending your trade shows and looking for new content to write about. Ask the show organizers for an attending press list and reach out to those journalists to set up appointments in your booth. Designate a subject matter expert to tell journalists about everything new happening with your company and...

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Top 5 Most Memorable and Moving Marketing Campaigns of 2012

With the New Year right around the corner, there is no better time for reflection. While reflecting upon our success this year, it is also important to take a step back and think about some big name marketers that have succeeded in not only grabbing the public’s attention, but also telling a powerful story that successfully relayed a message to an audience.


The year 2012 was full of powerful marketing campaigns that truly represented the new era of advertising. Whether it was using social media to leverage their message, or using humor and thrill to capture their audience, the following 5 companies truly encapsulated how telling a story to promote a specific message can not only move an audience, but make themselves memorable within a highly competitive industry.


How to Make the Most of Trade Shows & Live Events

Hubspot Social PR NewsOur team is gearing up for back-to-back trade shows this week and happened to come across Hubspot’s timely article, “Getting the Most From Live Events: A Guide for Attendees, Hosts & Participants.” The article reported a shocking statistic – 80% of companies don’t even follow up with leads after trade shows.


How can that be? With every wise business person shouting, “NETWORK!” from the rooftops, how are marketers ignoring this advice when it comes to the biggest networking opportunity there is — face-to-face live events.


If you jump on over to Hubspot (link above) they’ve outlined in detail how attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and event hosts can take full advantage of these opportunities. Here are three quick tips we’ve developed:


  1. How to remember people: If your goal is to network (which it should be) it may be hard to remember all those faces and names once you’ve got a stack of business cards in front of you. Jot down notes about who you’re meeting or what you spoke about on the backside of their card in order to jog your memory later. Be prepared for high-tech folks with digital business cards – here are 8 free business card apps suggested by Mashable.
  2. How to stay on task: It’s extremely easy to get caught up in the commotion of an event and end up getting sidetracked. Don’t waste the money you’ve invested to attend the event by ending up in the corner catching up with old friends. Make sure you define your goal before you step through the front door. Go in with a purpose and don’t forget to follow through.
  3. How to break through the noise: No doubt there will be many other individuals and companies with the same goals or agenda as you, so you must go in prepared to stand out from the rest. Be ready to market yourself competitively. Give out free samples of your products or services to drive traffic towards your booth, or come up with some other creative ways to set yourself and your booth apart.


How are you getting your ROI for live events? We’d like to hear your methods of maximizing your investment of time, money and energy by fostering relationships that last past the showroom floor.

Great Reads You May Have Missed in 2011

As the New Year begins many professionals revisit their bookshelves with the intention of finally starting that popular industry-changing bestseller that was purchased with good intentions 6 months ago (you know who you are). Therefore, it’s no surprise that setting a goal to read more often is one of the most popular resolutions made this time of year. But can a simple promise to yourself help get you ahead in the workplace? Our team at Tell Your Story believes so.   In our field we’re used staying up-to-date on industry trends through social media avenues like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Reader. However, sitting down to read an entire book on a particular topic is a much different experience. Books have the ability to alter the way we see our industry and educate us in a way we haven’t experienced since the last time we were in a classroom.   Here’s a list of books...

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