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Tell Your Story and One North Enhance Partnership

For almost two years, our team at Tell Your Story has partnered with digital marketing agency One North Interactive on a variety of projects. Today we are announcing that One North has made a strategic investment in Tell Your Story in order to offer both of our client organizations a full range of digital marketing services.   This partnership further solidifies both of our agencies’ positions serving the unique needs of B2B and relationship-based organizations. For One North, it gives them the storytelling and content marketing capabilities that many current and prospective clients need in their overall marketing mix. For Tell Your Story, we gain One North’s second-to-none digital, technology and strategy know-how to better serve our clients.   We believe great partnerships are formed when each organization can build upon each other’s strengths. One North’s strengths lie in creating extraordinary interactive experiences that deepen the relationships between businesses and their most important audiences. Tell...

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B2B Marketers Can Learn a Thing or Two from the LMA

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Annual Conference on behalf of client One North Interactive, a digital marketing and technology agency that has historically worked with some of the world’s largest and most prominent law firms.   [caption id="attachment_3110" align="alignleft" width="383"] One North Interactive's booth[/caption] Maybe it was due to the event backdrop, which was set on the glorious San Diego Bay, or maybe it was the stellar lineup of keynote speakers and session leaders (including One North!), but more than 1,300 legal marketers attended the trade show, setting a record for the international conference.   Although this event was specific to the legal industry, many of the insights and conversations shared apply to all business marketers and professional services organizations. Here are a handful of the ones I noted during my time there.     Relationships don’t build themselves   [caption id="attachment_3109" align="alignright" width="403"] LMA Welcome Session[/caption] Even though building and maintaining business...

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