WaterCooler TV Season 1

WaterCooler TV Season 1

That’s a wrap! In February, Tell Your Story and FUNGI Media launched WaterCooler TV, a twist on your typical water cooler conversations, to highlight great stories in the business world. During Season 1, we hosted a variety of business leaders, marketers and founders, and chatted around the quintessential water cooler about everything from building community and franchising to self-driving cars, meteorology and more. Here’s a recap of Season 1:


Episode 1 | Smarketing 101 with Rebecca Oistad



In Episode 1, we talked about marketing strategy, understanding your audience and putting what you’ve learned from past successes into practice for the future with Rebecca Oistad, VP of Marketing at TPC Training.


Episode 2 | The Juice on Twisted Alchemy



Cheers to this episode with the Scott and Kim Holstein, co-founders of Twisted Alchemy! Hear about the inspiration behind their curated, cold-pressed juice biz and how it all began with a birthday party.


Episode 3 | Franchising with Adam Paris



Longtime entrepreneur Adam Paris, Partner at Orangetheory Fitness and Vue Ventures, shares his passion for mission-driven businesses and giving back as well as getting the word out about new businesses in Episode 3.


Episode 4 | Finding Community with The Founding Moms



Jill Salzman, Founder of The Founding Moms, shares her story of building and growing community, plus why it’s so important to be your own, true self.


Episode 5 | Messaging With a Purpose



In Episode 5, WaterCooler TV co-producers George Rafeedie, Founder of Tell Your Story and CoWorkers, and Matt Cornelison, Founder of FUNGI Media, talk about how purpose drives everything in business, marketing and life.


Episode 6 | High Performance Teams



To build high performing teams, focus on trust, be transparent, share as much information as possible and, most importantly, get to know your team. More from Julia Goebel, CMO of benefitexpress, in Episode 6.


Episode 7 | The Auto Biz with Dave Sloan



The Chicago Auto Show is one fantastic example of how social media helps extend your message. More from Chicago Auto Trade Association President Dave Sloan in Episode 7.


Episode 8 | Introducing Walkshop with Margaret Jastrebski



If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut of habitualized, ritual thinking and need to disconnect, then this episode with Walkshop Co-founder Margaret Jastrebski is for you.


Episode 9 | Solving Customer Problems with Bill Boss



As soon as you think you understand your customer’s problems, ask three more questions. Get more insights from Bill Boss, Senior Director for Subscription Services for AccuWeather, in Episode 9.


If you have a good story to tell and would like to be featured in Season 2, get in touch.