What does #Twitter’s IPO mean for marketers?

What does #Twitter’s IPO mean for marketers?

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Since Twitter announced that it filed for IPO in early October, the interwebs have been buzzing with excitement and curiosity.  What will the final share price be? Can Twitter generate revenues and profits from its business? Hello, anyone remember Facebook’s IPO? And most importantly, what does this mean for “my” industry?


With over 200 million users Twitter is hardly an underground experience, but people are speculating whether this IPO will finally push Twitter mainstream.  With “TWTR” flashing across the ticker, we think that those not currently engaging with this platform might be intrigued enough to sign up. Especially since the share price was announced at $26 and is now trading at $45 per share (as of 10:30 a.m. CST, 11/7/2013.) A whole new generation of consumers is paying attention to Twitter now and no doubt brands and marketers are strategizing on how best to connect and leverage.


Now that this little blue bird has caught the public’s attention, what can we expect for marketers? Well, Twitter is now officially a public company and this means TWTR has shareholders.  The funny thing about shareholders is that they often expect revenues. We think this driving force will pave the way for new products and features that marketers can use to identify, connect, influence and engage with audiences.  Remember when Twitter announced “Promoted Tweets” in October 2011? Brands finally had the opportunity to reach a broader audience and drive conversations about their products.  Less than a year later, Twitter introduced targeting for Promoted Tweets and brands took full advantage of this service to engage with relevant audiences and tailor messages.  Now that is has momentum and money, we are eager to see what Twitter introduces next! #eager #marketing


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