Why we are going to India

So why are we going to India? Let’s start here.


BlueSilver is a marketing consultancy that uses a variety of resources to help develop and execute marketing and marketing communications plans. BlueSilver founder, Sanjeev Ahuja, and I (George Rafeedie) serve all kinds of roles for our clients including high level consultants, account executives, collaborators and integrators of marketing resources. We have a network of designers, writers, programmers, PR professionals and interactive experts in the United States we use regularly. We also have a strong strategic partner with Bangalore, India-based Basil Communications. Basil helps us execute many print design production and programming tasks on behalf of our clients. In addition, we represent Basil in the United States and introduce their leadership and capabilities to agencies and organizations who want to explore using global resources.


This specific trip will serve many purposes, but the main reason is to visit Basil with an agency from the United States who is interested in exploring Basil’s capabilities in more detail.