Getting To a Great Purpose for Powerful Storytelling

“I had a great day today.”

A simple sentence you may hear often. You may actually say it often. Or maybe not.

“I had a great day today.”

At the opening of our client’s OutMatch Insights: Live!, OutMatch CEO Greg Moran talked about what drives him and what drives OutMatch. Simply stated, he wants more people, after a long day of work, to say, “I had a great day today.”

Say it. “I had a great day today.”

That struck me as an incredibly powerful and purposeful reason “why” a company exists. Especially for a company who uses data, analytics and psychology to determine success factors of specific specific people for specific jobs.

“I had a great day today.”

How many people can actually say that after a long day at work?

How many people can say that half the time after a long day of work?

Most of our lives is spent at work or worrying about work. So wouldn’t it be nice if we could say “I had a great day today” on most days?

From love and hugging in the workplace (thanks keynoters Tim Sanders and Tim Sackett), to developing high potentials into leaders, to using moneyball tactics to predict success (or failure), it all comes down to the simple idea of helping more people say, and truly believe, that they had a great day today. And, as HR leaders and talent developers, that’s what your true job is all about.

As OutMatch wraps up their first OutMatch Insights Live!, there will be many insights and key-takeaways for all attendees to discuss, ponder and take back to their workplace. But none should be more powerful than thinking about why you do what you do. And if you can truly say that you are helping people have great days, then you must be having a great day yourself.

This post first appeared as a guest post on the OutMatch blog