Consulting & Training

What’s your story

At heart, we are story consultants. Whether it’s to individuals, organizations, CEOs or marketers, you can often hear us asking, “What’s your story?”

It’s because we are curious and we believe that everyone and everything has a story. Half the fun is figuring out and developing that story. The other half of the fun is telling that story.  Even more fun, is seeing people or organizations begin to tell their own stories. That’s where our consulting comes in to play. 

More specifically, our consulting offerings cover the following:

  • Messaging
  • Content Marketing Planning
  • Marketing Organizational Alignment
  • Sales / Marketing Integration
  • Public Relations & Media Relations
  • Integration of Social Media into Marketing Mix
  • Personal Branding
  • LinkedIn Training
  • Employee Advocacy
  • Measurement
  • Database / Email Marketing
  • Talent Development & Evaluation

If you are in need of some counsel on developing or telling your story, please contact us here.