Daymarck Home Care Coding launched in 2007 as a unique start-up offering outsourced medical coding exclusively to home care professionals. Daymarck was established to help home health agencies with the challenges of maintaining accurate medical coding. Our challenge was to communicate the benefit of outsourced coding to home care agencies.

We learned that medical coding was a huge burden for home care professionals. Medical coding takes valuable time away from patient care. Coding errors could result in a lack of reimbursement for services provided. Home care providers could face hefty fines and even jail time if they were found to be non-compliant from coding errors.

From there we developed our message around, “We make home health coding as pain-free as possible so you can focus on other things” with a higher-level purpose of “helping healthcare by improving home care, one code at a time.”


We served as Daymarck’s senior marketing and sales team, employing a variety of integrated marketing communications tactics including a re-designed website, videos, print mailings, e-mail marketing, tradeshow marketing, public relations, surveys, social media, and sales communication and support.

We helped Daymarck establish a robust social media presence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and a highly trafficked blog.

We provided support at 10 home care industry events, spreading Daymarck’s message with a captivating booth design, giveaways, printed mailings, news releases, surveys and social media


Brand communications, PR, social media and sales support efforts helped Daymarck grow 1000% within two years. This tremendous growth helped lead to the company’s acquisition by The Corridor Group in early 2014.

We developed more than 80 posts for the Daymarck blog, which received more than 40,000 page views— nearly as many visits as the company’s website.

This campaign also garnered Tell Your Story two Gold Awards at the 2010 Chicago Business Marketing Association Tower Awards.