NEC Display Solutions


Through our partnership with One North, we helped NEC Display Solutions more effectively reach the education market during the important spring season as schools specify their equipment purchases. NEC’s annual video competition it had held in previous years was growing stale, and NEC turned to One North and TellYour Story to bring in a fresh approach to the 2014 education campaign.



Working with One North and other elements of the campaign, Tell Your Story amplified the conversation through NEC’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ channels, using targeted social media advertising and influencer outreach to drive visibility and engagement for the contest and the NEC brand. Brand messages were strengthened and audience reach increased as contestants promoted their contest submissions via their own social channels during the public voting phase.

Tell Your Story created a campaign-specific hashtag, #NECTechMakeover, to aid in tracking and measurement, which was promoted on the microsite and via social imagery.



The #NECTechMakeover enhanced NEC’s social presence among its target audience in the education industry and provided a foundational social media content strategy that NEC has continued to build upon. Additionally, the campaign helped NEC envision a new way of marketing to the end user by using new technologies and social media. Other results include:

• More than 4,000 social engagements on campaign-related content posted to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

• Social media content reached more than 1.6 MM users across NEC’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn channels.

• Increased Facebook Page Likes on NEC Display brand page by 395%

• Contest received 10 submissions and nearly 12,000 votes from the public

• Added 4,500+ new social media users within target audience demographics

• Increased traffic to by 11.8% during the 3-month campaign

• Increased Twitter followers to NEC Display handle by 22%