One North


One North Interactive has a great story. And history. Originally established in the early 2000’s as Hubbard One, the agency grew by serving the website needs of big global law firms. They did so well, the agency was acquired by legal content and technology company Thompson Reuters. In 2012, senior leadership decided to spin out of Thompson Reuters and One North was born. Tell Your Story helped One North established its new purpose of “Helping Make Relationships Count” with not only global law firms, but with global professional services organizations and large B2B corporations.


In addition to establishing One North’s purpose statement through our purpose-driven messaging process, Tell Your Story launched a PR and media relations program to increase the reputation of One North in the Chicago tech community. We also refreshed and re-launched One North’s social media channels with compelling content and targeted social ads to drive traffic to thought leadership while reaching clients, prospects and potential team members.


Our ongoing efforts have increased One North’s visibility in the highly competitive digital and technology community in Chicago. One North’s social media efforts garner hundreds of social engagements, and is a top driver of traffic to the company blog and website. One North’s social audience has grown 700+% since February 2015 to more than 10,000 people.

Our efforts have also helped One North achieve tremendous growth since 2013 further establishing the agency as a premier digital marketing partner to B2B and professional services organizations. We have also been instrumental in helping One North think about and expand its capabilities, especially in the area of content marketing, SEM, SEO and social media.