Words & Numbers


Words & Numbers is an educational technology company that creates digital-first content for the K-12 and higher education market such as interactive textbooks, blended assessments, virtual courses, game-based applications and much more. As the company was repositioning itself for future growth, there was a need for development and management of its social communities including its blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+ channels. Our challenge was to revamp the company’s stagnant social media channels with fresh content and messaging to help reach decision makers within the edtech industry.

Based on a series of interviews with key executives and leaders within the organization, Tell Your Story derived the over-arching content mission statement that guides all content creation and distribution: “Words & Numbers develops and shares content to facilitate the progression and betterment of student learning through the use of educational technology.”


A content strategy was created based on various objectives and content pillars, which provided a framework for an editorial and blog calendar. Tell Your Story instilled an editorial board comprised of Words & Numbers subject matter experts who would play a key role in helping to develop timely and valuable content for the blog and social channels. Tell Your Story created targeted social media ad campaigns across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to distribute and promote original blog content, and drive users to the Words & Numbers’ website.


Under Tell Your Story’s management, Words & Numbers’ social media audience increased by 240%, while average monthly engagements increased 500% across all channels. This framework has set the foundation for a robust, integrated marketing communications plan.