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We don’t think of ourselves as know-it-alls, but we do like sharing our thoughts, experiences and POV from time-to-time. We are in continual learning mode and here is what we think, when we think it.

Thank You, Chicago BMA Board

Social Media PR ManagerLast week I was awarded the Chicago Business Marketing Association Board Member of the Year award.


I’m really proud of this for many reasons, and I just wanted to thank Chicago BMA’s outgoing president, Linda Meenan, the CMO of law firm Wildman Harrold (pictured with me below) and the entire board for this honor and great recognition.


As background for all who don’t know BMA and my involvement, I co-chair the membership and social media committees and have been on the BMA board since 2007. I’ve been an active member since 2003, but my experience with the national organization goes way back to 1996. Needless to say, I think it is a great organization and it’s done a lot for me professionally and personally. So join today!

Telling that Story with George & Sima

Once we help clients develop great purpose-driven stories, there are many ways we can help share those stories. Here is a really quick and simple overview of what we do that features one of the partners we use to help clients start sharing and seeing results.

Telling that Story with George & Sima



Tell Your Story founder George Rafeedie is with special guest Sima Dahl and briefly talks about developing purpose-driven stories and sharing those stories with old and new school forms of media.

What is CrossFit?

I’ve been tweeting/checking in a lot from a Chicago-area gym I belong to that is part of the CrossFit affiliate system. This video tells a great story about the CrossFit philosophy and how it helps “normal” people like me get in shape. (I still have a ways to go, by the way.) If you want to see videos of abnormal people who do incredible things physically, visit the main CrossFit site and search CrossFit videos on YouTube. You’ll be amazed, but don’t let it scare you from giving it a try in your area.

CROSSFIT CLEVELAND – What is Crossfit?



People come to us when they need to get back in shape but can’t do it on their own. Whether you don’t know how or just don’t have the discipline to stick with a workout program, we’ll get you on track…

Fear Not! Jump into Social Media Experiment.

Social networking consultant, speaker and author Sima Dahl interviews Chicago Business Marketing Association board member Michael Krauss after he moderated a panel of the Big Four of the social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) at the BMA’s April luncheon.

Fear Not! Jump into Social Media Experiment





Michael Krauss moderated the April 2011 BMA Chicago luncheon on Social Media. In this video, Sima Dahl asks him for his top take-aways.

New Mobile Voice Advertising Network

One of our clients, gSoft Technology Solutions, is launching a new mobile voice advertising network tomorrow. If you are interested in learning more, you can be a part of the launch webinar on Tuesday, March 22.
gSoft’s vAds are voice ads that take a nontraditional, innovative approach to targeted mobile application advertising. By making use of dead/idle time, vAds deliver short, targeted and dynamic voice ads without altering the app personality, behavior or flow.


The video is a 4 minute tutorial on the application and process to place ads on the network. If you are interested in learning more, contact Tell Your Story today.



vAds Tutorial – Campaigns and Ad Creation



Brand Heart

Thacker Business Marketing AssociationBob Thacker, SVP of Marketing at OfficeMax, was today’s featured speaker at the Business Marketing Association in Chicago. He was fantastic. He had many quotes to go along with his great lessons of life in the retail world, and experiences developing great campaigns. One of the best ones was this:


“Brands are like people. They have to have a heart.”


No truer words have been spoken. Without heart and purpose (which I believe goes hand-in-hand with heart), brands and organizations can only say so much and do so much. Take Bob’s words to heart and figure out how to communicate your organization’s heart and purpose to take you, the people you work with and the people you serve to the next level.

Creative Story Reel

We like to tell purpose-driven stories of great companies and people through a variety of marketing communications tactics. Once we help you uncover or refine your organization’s great story, we pull together our resources from creative, PR, social media, interactive and other disciplines and tell that story in compelling ways.


Check out our featured video on our YouTube channel for the few great stories we are currently highlighting.

Content: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

In this short Tell Your Story interview at a recent social media gathering, IBM’s David Pittman talks about his Reduce, Reuse and Recycle philosophy when it comes to content creation for communications and social media uses. His philosophy took shape when he was at a much smaller company than IBM, but you can put this thinking to use at all kinds of companies, regardless of size.


In short, he is saying that most companies have all of the content they need to consistently share their compelling stories through social media channels. The content already exists in various forms — sell sheets, web sites, press releases, brochures…etc. You just need to be resourceful with what is already created and reduce, reuse and recycle. Then, if resources and budget allows, get creative with developing new content.