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We don’t think of ourselves as know-it-alls, but we do like sharing our thoughts, experiences and POV from time-to-time. We are in continual learning mode and here is what we think, when we think it.

Two Gold Awards at Chicago BMA Towers

business Marketing Tower AwardsWe were awarded two Gold honors at the 27th Annual Chicago Business Marketing Association Tower Awards last week.For home healthcare coding client Daymarck, we entered work within two categories – “Total Communications Under $200,000” and “Video Production – Sales, Product and Corporate Promotions.”


Being a small agency helping clients with smaller budgets, it is very gratifying to be recognized as the best in these major categories — especially against entries from much larger agencies and Fortune 500 companies. Our model of staying lean and providing all of the marketing ingredients without the fat of bigger agencies is proving itself out. We provide the high-level thinking, planning and account management and then go out to our network to execute cost-effective, creative and results-driven work under our flag for our great clients.


More than 70 companies submitted 300 entries in 38 different categories at this year’s Tower Awards. We entered two categories, and won GOLD in both. The judges, listed below, were all senior level marketers from organizations and agencies across the U.S. Some agencies didn’t like the fact that no “pure agency creatives” acted as judges. Although I agree there should have been agency creative representation, it was an honor to have our work judged by a great group of client-side marketers.


Chicago BMA Tower Award Judges – 2010 – We are glad you liked our work.



Daymarck Social Channel
See video on Daymarck’s YouTube channel and visit web site for elements of the overall campaign. Thanks to our client, Daymarck, for the opportunity to do great work and

Develop and inspire the builders of marketing

Rishad Tobaccowala from Publicis Group’s VivaKi talks about how the great innovators of history were builders first, and the same holds true through the history of great marketing. Hire and develop the creative builders first, let them fail and learn from their mistakes. He says that excellence, creativity and innovation start with great people and that should be the focus of the industry. “Our industry is about talent” and not about anything else. Develop and inspire the talent. And then unleash them to do great things.


VW PunchDub – A Super Bowl Winner

I don’t see much chatter about FaceBook application so you can play online and help spread the VW word. Play and you’ll win the chance for a 6 month lease.


Okay, so I do own a 2001 silver Jetta, but that’s besides the point. I regretted buying it since day 1, but it is still a reliable little stick shift 102,341 miles later. So maybe there is a little soft spot in my heart for VW. Not sure. But the spot moved me a bit, and I’m talking about it. Maybe it takes me back to my childhood when my cousins used to punch me everytime they saw a VW bug.


The spot is light-hearted and humorous, and creates an emotional connection on a lot of levels. Stevie Wonder at the end is fantastic, too. A Super Bowl winner.

Creative Offshoring of PDF Conversions

BlueSilver and its creative offshore studio partner Basil Communications recently contracted with a large association to help convert over 2,500 PDFs, some of which are 10 pages in length, into their new web site and content management system. The PDFs make up over 130 issues of the association’s thought leadership publication spanning the past 10 years.


For various reasons such as ease, search engine optimization, look and feel, and overall management, converting these individual article PDFs makes sense. The combination of BlueSilver domestic resources, and capabilities from Basil’s talent pool will help in the ease of this conversion process quickly and cost effectively. The goal is to have all of the content, plus major photos and graphs, from all of the PDFs transferred and proofed and approved within an aggressive period. A big and somewhat tedious job that is needed for overall interactive marketing and content distribution success.


Creative off shoring resources, in combination with domestic talent and collaboration, make going in this direction for certain tasks very appealing to organizations feeling the budget pressures of today’s marketing reality. Over the course of our 2 year partnership with Basil, we have facilitated and helped manage projects and conversations with some of the world’s largest advertising agencies for large consumer brands. We’ve also had direct conversations with heads of marketing, branding and creative for the world’s largest consumer package goods companies.


As a whole, our model is set up to alleviate the economic pressures, without giving up on strategic thinking, quality and effectiveness. And it helps to have a partner such as Basil from the creative business to help us truly deliver on the promises of high level thinking and great execution, with an eye focused on efficiency for today’s age.

Why do you have to be such a 569.42?

Some things are just 569.42’s. You know what I’m talking about. Taking out the trash. Doing laundry. Taxes. Lawn work. Spouses.


Well, one of BlueSilver‘s clients is Daymarck, a leader in the home care coding industry. Within the industry, home care agencies must do proper, accurate and compliant coding in oder to get reimbursed by Medicare. Daymarck uses a combination of software and superior service to easily help home care agencies complete the coding requirements through a simple remote coding process. Making it less of a 569.42.


Using one of our own trusted remote partners, BlueSilver led the creation of this video which will be combined with a search engine marketing campaign and landing page. All with the goal of increasing quality leads for this great client for which we are a true marketing partner. They definitely are not a 569.42. Well, maybe sometimes.


Will it turn viral? We shall see. If viral videos don’t exist yet within the home care coding industry, we are going to try to make it happen with this. Would love your feedback. Plus, comment on your biggest 569.42.


Free BMA National Conference Chance

Business Marketing Assocaition ChicagoIf you haven’t noticed by now, we are big supporters of the Business Marketing Association (BMA) nationally and in Chicago. George serves on the Chicago BMA board and is its membership chair. Speaking of membership, why don’t you join today? Check out this special offer for a chance to go to the national conference for free. It is being held in Chicago in June and will be just as good, if not better, than last year’s conference. See my posts from June 2009 to find out more.


Join, renew or refer someone to join before December 31, 2009 and be registered to win a free registration to the 2010 BMA Annual Conference in Chicago, June 2-4 at the Swissotel ($795 value). Second prize is two free seats at the February 4, 2010 MarketingMasters Luncheon with Kathy Button Bell, Chief Marketing Officer, Emerson. The winners will be drawn at our January 7, 2010 MarketingMasters Luncheon.


Intriguing? Click here to learn more.

Fundamentals Don’t Change; But You Need to Get With It!

Great job by the national Business Marketing Association national conference organizers who pulled this off in Chicago back in June. The iconic “Man in the Chair” ad was acted out and updated for today’s times. Everything the “modern” executive says is incredibly true in today’s social media world. Whether you are a big company, small start up, a non-profit organization or a student, you need to get with it soon. Make it a 2010 new year resolution.

Types of Networkers

Chicago Business Marketing AssociationFrom my Chicago BMA Day intro presentation at Google yesterday. Please feel free to add other types of networkers and put yourself into a category. You can be more than one type, and it can change on a day-to-day basis. Bottom line of presentation – networking is more important than ever. Networker extraordinaire Sima Dahl was the headline speaker. I’ve introduced her twice now and I need to step up my game. She is fabulous and you can find out more about her, her Sway Factor philosophy and her thoughts on “networking in a digital world” here.


My types of networkers. Please feel free to comment, add and join the conversation.


The “Feel Good” Networker – Gets fulfillment out of networking, both professionally and personally


The “Obnoxious” Networker – Has a networking agenda and it shows


The “I Have To Network” Networker – Need to network out of necessity (biz dev, job search, talent hunting)


The “I Hate Networking” Networker – I’m around marketing all day, I want to hang out with my family/friends


The “Uncomfortable” Networker – I don’t know one soul in this room


The “You Should Go Network” Networker – Pressures from others to network who don’t necessarily network themselves

Media and Agencies are Adjusting

B2B Agency ChicagoAgencies and media companies need to adjust, this article states, to the ever-growing ability of marketers to communicate directly to customers and prospects. Kind of surprising this article is being written in this day and age, and not 10 years ago. We started BlueSilver because things have changed and are ever-evolving. Marketers need resources, both agencies and media outlets, to change with the times.


The article has more implications for media companies. Most marketers still need agencies to help them communicate creatively and effectively, even if it is directly with the customers. But they need them to be more efficient and creative on how to deliver both top thinking and execution resources.


Here’s a link to the article. BlueSilver is quoted.