Facebook’s New Graph Search: What It Means For You and Your Company

Facebook’s New Graph Search: What It Means For You and Your Company

There is no question that Facebook and its innovations over the years have changed the way we communicate and stay connected. Though some may not want to admit it, Facebook, along with many other social networking sites, have become a way of life. Whether you are marketing your company’s brand, or building personal relationships, our society has become reliant on Facebook as a way to stay connected to the world around us.


Hoping to make searches within Facebook much easier, Facebook took a big step earlier this week in announcing their new Graph Search. Striving to connect the Facebook user experience throughout the web, this new search engine will make sharing information easier than before. Allowing you to find things, people, or businesses based on interests and recommendations of friends, this internal search engine is a game changer when it comes to marketing a brand or building relationships.


Focusing on four main areas: people, photos, places, and interests, Graph Search rummages through the massive social network to answer more refined questions.


Interested in finding people around your neighborhood who like tennis and work in the city? Want see photos of friends from 1990? Are you traveling to Paris and want to see what restaurants your friends visited? Graph Search allows you to explore, discover and most importantly connect with new people, places, and things—all through the people you know.


Facebook’s Graph Search isn’t only great for personal use, it is a vital component when it comes to promoting your company’s brand and finding new clients. For small name companies, this is a huge opportunity to be found by even more people. Whatever your target market may be, a quick and simple Facebook search will give you a wide array of potential leads. If there is ever a time to reinvent your brand’s Facebook marketing strategy, this is it!


Watch this cool YouTube introducing Facebook’s new Graph Search.

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