Healthy Habits at #BMA14

Healthy Habits at #BMA14

Dispatches from BMA14: Series of Short Reports from the Tell Your Story Team at #BMA14 in Chicago


Chicago B2B AgencyWhen I sat down and reviewed the schedule for #BMA14, I saw that there was a morning run each day of the conference. I admire those who were able to get up and run at 5:30 each morning after the evening events of the conference.


Walking in to day number two of BMA14, I was pleasantly surprised to listen to several corporate discussions on healthy lives and the impact on your work quality and productivity.


I love fitness. I love healthy eating. I also love my fair share of fast food and pizza. I knew I needed to pay attention. I have been just talking about health and not doing much about it.


Tell Your Story is definitely a supporter of healthy active lives for team members, which I am very grateful for and just need to become an active participant.


Aon kicked off the topic, taking us virtually to the Manchester United facility to learn about healthy habits and how important it is to your life. Standing desks, daily exercise, eating well, and even just taking ten minutes to walk around during the day. I also got to learn that Manchester United takes the grass off the field each year for a fresh start for the next season. Who knew?


Next up was Debbie Qaqish, author of Rise of the Revenue Marketer. She brought up her McDonald’s habit and I wanted to hug her. I love running over to McDonald’s in the afternoon for a hot fudge sundae – her preference is the caramel sundae. We went from McDonald’s to CrossFit a few slides later. As a member of corporate America, she realized that she needed a change in her lifestyle and had to kick the sundae habit. She started eating well, packing her food for trips, preparing food for the week, and working out regularly.


Lesson learned, I have to quit (or maybe just slow down) eating sundaes and pay attention to my health in order to be a better marketer, employee, person. I’ve invited Debbie to join me at CrossFit Construct the next time she’s in town. I’m hoping we can swap a few recipes and I can learn more a bit more on her thoughts on marketing.