Integrate Your Content Marketing with SEO / SEM

This great article states that “nearly half (45%) of all companies say content is ‘highly integrated’ with their SEO efforts, compared to just 24% for paid search marketing and 16% for mobile marketing. Organizations are more likely to integrate content marketing with their SEO strategy than they are with any other digital marketing discipline.”

The phrase integrated marketing is one of those overused terms, as is content marketing. However, this study shows that more and more, integration of owned media and paid media is crucial. At Tell Your Story, we integrate earned PR media, too.

We are not sure why the SEM integration percentage isn’t the same as SEO. Perhaps budget, but we have found that content, SEO, SEM and earned PR go hand-in-hand when thinking about and executing marketing plans to tell your clients’ great stories.

Read the source article at Econsultancy