It’s More Than Love – The Female Condom Story

It’s More Than Love – The Female Condom Story

Say the words “female condom” and you’ll get a raised eyebrow, a nervous laugh or worse. But did you know the manufacturer of the FC2 Female Condom is headquartered here in Chicago? The Female Health Company has distributed tens of millions of female condoms to 144 countries around the world since 2007. Recently the company enlisted our help to roll out new female condom packaging, which went from hospital-looking white to passionate purple.

FC2 Condom Story
New packaging for the FC2 Female Condom was introduced to public health workers, educators and clinics.

Tell Your Story was charged with introducing the new package to public health workers, educators and clinics in the U.S., so this was a B2B, not consumer, campaign. We developed refreshed messaging that emphasized the protection, empowerment and choice that the female condom represents for women. The Female Health Company invited five of the world’s leading experts on sexual health to a forum in Chicago where we recorded a panel discussion exploring challenges and issues. The discussion covered topics like sexual health around the world, sexually transmitted diseases, and how to change perceptions and attitudes about the female condom.

Public health experts
Public health experts and sexual health advocates panel discuss insights and challenges facing female condom use around the world on Global Female Condom Day.

We can’t mention the female condom project without giving props to our partners at Resolution Production Group. Their team worked brilliantly and tirelessly alongside us to make everything happen—and they got the chance to see what a female condom looks like.

On this Valentine’s Day, we are reminded how much we love our work and love the endless variety of challenges we’re presented with every day. And we love the female condom and the empowerment it brings to the women who need and use it.

Curious? You know you are. Stop by our office and pick up a goodie bag of female condoms.