Why I Am Outraged By the Lack of Love in the Workplace

Why I Am Outraged By the Lack of Love in the Workplace

We are pleased to share this guest post from our friend, Karen Davis. This post originally appeared on Karen’s Facebook page, and we LOVE it!

Karen Davis, Executive Coach
Karen Davis, Executive Coach, NCC, PCC

I have a fire burning in the very depth of my soul and it has been burning for a very long time. I am outraged by the immense stress, intimidation and fear created in our country by the vast majority of organizations. Our people are walking out of their jobs every day with bottomless empty souls. My children and your children will be walking in those doors if we don’t do something about it now.


According to the latest Gallup study only 1 in 4 people are engaged with their jobs. People are going home from work every day with no sense of meaning or purpose in their lives. These same people go home to their families and treat them the same way they have been treated at work. The ripple effect of the stress created inside the workplace in this country is immense.


The rate of antidepressant use in the US increased nearly 400 percent over the last two decades according to a report published in 2011. The culture of our country is based on profit, growth and shareholder value. How do we, the people, fit into this equation?


As an executive coach, I am asked almost weekly, “Are you sure you should be talking about love in the workplace?” “Do you think organizations and leaders are ready to hear that word?”


I SAY it is time to bring an OUTRAGEOUS form of LOVE out of the corporate closet.


I SAY it is time to begin to lead with our head AND our hearts where we validate the worth of every individual.


I SAY it is time to express love, tenderness, compassion, empathy and care inside the workplace.


I SAY it is time to begin to treat people inside the workplace as if they were our family members.


As leaders, it is time to begin believing in our most precious asset – people, and that includes employees, customers, suppliers, partners, board members and other leaders inside your organization. When we allow people to be who they were meant to be, discover their gifts, develop their talents and share their innate value, and be recognized and appreciated along the way, both organizations and people will win in the long run.


Bob Chapman, CEO of Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Inc., says it best, “Leadership is the stewardship of the people whose lives we are entrusted.” At Barry-Wehmiller, they measure success by how they touch the lives of people. They recognize and celebrate their people. They send people home to their families with a sense of accomplishment so they can be present and loving. They create value for all stakeholders in the company. They lead with a set of guiding principles that start with People, Purpose and Performance.


I’ve walked to the edge of the cliff and stared down at the abyss of stress we have created inside the workplace long enough. It is time we begin to utter the words of LOVE inside the workplace.


Who is boarding this LOVE train with me? I want to hear from you. Let’s link together heart to heart. Facebook is the third largest nation in the world. Share this post and commit that you too, will begin to speak out into the world the sacred words of WORK AS LOVE MADE VISIBLE.


Karen Davis is a certified Ontological Executive Coach working with clients nationally and internationally. She provides one-on-one deep coaching services with high-performing executives, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and coaches who are committed to their success, ready to uncover their hidden potential and make their own unique difference in the world. Karen is also the creator and founder of Mastermind 21 – The Leadership Exchange. Karen’s deepest purpose is creating more love and peace in the world, specifically by working with her clients and mastermind participants to create “work ‘as’ love made visible” inside their organizations. You can reach Karen for a powerful conversation at: 303.665.4301 or learn more by visiting, www.karendaviscoaching.com