VW PunchDub – A Super Bowl Winner

I don’t see much chatter about FaceBook application so you can play online and help spread the VW word. Play and you’ll win the chance for a 6 month lease.


Okay, so I do own a 2001 silver Jetta, but that’s besides the point. I regretted buying it since day 1, but it is still a reliable little stick shift 102,341 miles later. So maybe there is a little soft spot in my heart for VW. Not sure. But the spot moved me a bit, and I’m talking about it. Maybe it takes me back to my childhood when my cousins used to punch me everytime they saw a VW bug.


The spot is light-hearted and humorous, and creates an emotional connection on a lot of levels. Stevie Wonder at the end is fantastic, too. A Super Bowl winner.