Creative Offshoring of PDF Conversions

BlueSilver and its creative offshore studio partner Basil Communications recently contracted with a large association to help convert over 2,500 PDFs, some of which are 10 pages in length, into their new web site and content management system. The PDFs make up over 130 issues of the association’s thought leadership publication spanning the past 10 years.

For various reasons such as ease, search engine optimization, look and feel, and overall management, converting these individual article PDFs makes sense. The combination of BlueSilver domestic resources, and capabilities from Basil’s talent pool will help in the ease of this conversion process quickly and cost effectively. The goal is to have all of the content, plus major photos and graphs, from all of the PDFs transferred and proofed and approved within an aggressive period. A big and somewhat tedious job that is needed for overall interactive marketing and content distribution success.

Creative off shoring resources, in combination with domestic talent and collaboration, make going in this direction for certain tasks very appealing to organizations feeling the budget pressures of today’s marketing reality. Over the course of our 2 year partnership with Basil, we have facilitated and helped manage projects and conversations with some of the world’s largest advertising agencies for large consumer brands. We’ve also had direct conversations with heads of marketing, branding and creative for the world’s largest consumer package goods companies.

As a whole, our model is set up to alleviate the economic pressures, without giving up on strategic thinking, quality and effectiveness. And it helps to have a partner such as Basil from the creative business to help us truly deliver on the promises of high level thinking and great execution, with an eye focused on efficiency for today’s age.