Why do you have to be such a 569.42?

Some things are just 569.42’s. You know what I’m talking about. Taking out the trash. Doing laundry. Taxes. Lawn work. Spouses.


Well, one of BlueSilver‘s clients is Daymarck, a leader in the home care coding industry. Within the industry, home care agencies must do proper, accurate and compliant coding in oder to get reimbursed by Medicare. Daymarck uses a combination of software and superior service to easily help home care agencies complete the coding requirements through a simple remote coding process. Making it less of a 569.42.


Using one of our own trusted remote partners, BlueSilver led the creation of this video which will be combined with a search engine marketing campaign and landing page. All with the goal of increasing quality leads for this great client for which we are a true marketing partner. They definitely are not a 569.42. Well, maybe sometimes.


Will it turn viral? We shall see. If viral videos don’t exist yet within the home care coding industry, we are going to try to make it happen with this. Would love your feedback. Plus, comment on your biggest 569.42.