Be More: Top 5 Themes from #BMA15

Be More: Top 5 Themes from #BMA15

"Be more" at #BMA15

“Be More.” Two words, countless nuances, depending on whom you’re talking to. For the hundreds of B2B marketers that attended BMA15, this slogan invariably implies how we must continually adapt and evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of a world guided by technology and innovation. B2B’s potential is overwhelming, yet promising, as we continue to strive for improvement in all areas.

After attending dozens of sessions and combing thousands of posts on Twitter over the past few days, these 5 themes seemed to rise time and again for marketers looking to Be More.

  1. Customer experience and satisfaction is the catalyst for all marketing initiatives, but great customer service isn’t enough anymore. Experiential marketing is becoming the norm and successful brands are learning how to deliver exceptional experiences to their customers.
  2. Employees are the foundation and support system for customer loyalty, acquisition and retention. Every brand, regardless of industry, should make employee engagement a marketing priority. This has never been more true as millenials are becoming more relevant as consumers, business decision makers and employees. It’s crucial for B2B marketers to not only know how to reach this powerful audience, but also work alongside them.
  3. Words like emotion, passion, human, and face-to-face prevailed. B2B marketers need to focus on serving rather than selling. They need to forge real, personal connections.
  4. It’s never too late for a second act, but don’t change your stripes. BlackBerry’s comeback is a prime example of a brand reinventing itself to stay relevant. Ingredion is another example of how a global enterprise can effectively rebrand to create marketing value and consistency.
  5. There are no mistakes. The great thing about marketing is that it’s a constant cycle of creativity, exploration, testing, measuring and improvement.

What other themes did you identify at #BMA15?

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We're already looking forward to BMA16!
We’re already looking forward to BMA16!