Let’s Just Call It Marketing: Content Marketing World ’14 Recap

Let’s Just Call It Marketing: Content Marketing World ’14 Recap

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For various reasons, some people hate the phrase “content marketing.” To me, after attending the 4th annual Content Marketing World, it is clear that content marketing is just marketing.  And always has been.  So let’s drop the word content and call it Marketing World.  What do you think?

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Anyway, the name aside and with the spotlight shining on what we love to do as communicators, there is a golden opportunity to get back to concentrating on the fun and impactful side of marketing – developing and telling great stories.  The themes that resonated with me the most were around developing stories that are emotional, inspirational and aspirational.  We heard about developing an editorial mentality, and to think like TV producers and film directors.  We were challenged to think about the elements of a great story. And although one speaker said the Don Draper model is dead in today’s world, it is more than alive and well in terms of the spirit of what makes people stop, listen and think. And then buy. That is the fun part of marketing.  And the part of marketing that will drive the most impact and fulfillment for what we are trying to do every day.

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Yes, people are still talking about data and SEO and SEM and strategy and planning and research, but the story is at center stage.  All of these other things are important, and I loved listening to and talking with speakers, attendees and exhibitors about all of the great tools that will help us measure, predict, schedule and plan.  But at its core, creativity in storytelling trumps everything else.

So for next year’s conference, drop the content and let’s just talk about marketing. Because content is and always has been what marketing is all about.

Watch my video for a few more thoughts Tell Your Story’s Four Big Takeaways on Content Marketing World 2014. #cmworld

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