Social Media Preview at the Chicago Auto Show 2013

Social Media Preview at the Chicago Auto Show 2013

Social Media Preview Chicago

Social media has grown to play a major part in our lives; whether in the personal or business world, social media has made its mark and has proven its importance when it comes to communicating and promoting a message.

On February 8th, we attended the 2013 ChicagoAuto Show for the Social Media Preview Day. While decked out cars and the latest in automotive technology were prominently showcased, the power of social media was the focus and spotlight of the day.

In attempt to reach a bigger audience and promote the exciting schedule of events that cater to the media savvy, the Chicago AutoShow rebranded this day to a more Twitter-friendly, #SMP13 and #CAS13. As we walked around to each exhibit, it was hard to ignore the theme of new and innovative thinking, as each exhibit prided itself on being a “game changer” in the automotive industry.

Although there were many vehicles that were without a doubt “game changers,” the overwhelming message that we were left with was the strong presence, importance, and vitality of social media when it comes to marketing and automotive purchasing.

Listening in on the panel moderated by David Thomas, managing editor at, panelists discussed the necessity of social media when it comes to customers and their purchasing choices and habits. Michael Sprague from Kia, agreed, “When people are purchasing a car, they go to experts first, but trust their friends more.” This is where Social media is able to show its true value by providing this interaction between not only friends, but other consumers as well.

As social media continues to grow and become the mode of communication in the business world, it is vital for companies to create a strong visual message with rich, shareable content. As we learned from observing each exhibit and listening to many informative panels, it is clear that content is king when it comes to effectively sending and promoting a brand’s message through social media.

Here are some of our Tweet-worthy moments from #SMP13

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