Tell Your Story and FUNGI Media Launch WaterCooler TV

Water Cooler TV

Video series highlights great stories in the business world in a digestible way

Tell Your Story and FUNGI Media have partnered to launch WaterCooler TV, a not-your-typical web series highlighting the thinking and stories of leading entrepreneurs, executives and marketers.


“We’ve been to hundreds of marketing conferences and sat through thousands of presentations,” said George Rafeedie, Co-Creator of WaterCooler TV and Founder of Tell Your Story. “Sadly, a lot of what we hear is a ton of blah, blah, blah.”

During each 4-5 minute episode, Co-Creator of WaterCooler TV and Founder of FUNGI Media, Matt Cornelison talks to, and goofs around with, interesting guests filmed around a quintessential water cooler.


”People need more fun in their lives, especially in the corporate world,” said Cornelison. “The show puts a spin on those cliché watercooler conversations.”


Early guests in WaterCooler TV’s first season will include Kim and Scott Holstein, founders of cold-pressed juice company Twisted Alchemy; Adam Paris, a Chicago-area franchise owner of Orangetheory Fitness; Rebecca Oistad, a veteran technology and software marketer and current VP of Marketing for TPC Training; and Jill Salzman, author and founder of Founding Moms, a group dedicated to helping mom entrepreneurs.


Episodes are released on Wednesdays and can be found at Watch Episode 1 now: 



Contact WaterCooler TV if you have a great story to tell and would like to be a guest, or if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities.