Types of Networkers

Chicago Business Marketing AssociationFrom my Chicago BMA Day intro presentation at Google yesterday. Please feel free to add other types of networkers and put yourself into a category. You can be more than one type, and it can change on a day-to-day basis. Bottom line of presentation – networking is more important than ever. Networker extraordinaire Sima Dahl was the headline speaker. I’ve introduced her twice now and I need to step up my game. She is fabulous and you can find out more about her, her Sway Factor philosophy and her thoughts on “networking in a digital world” here.


My types of networkers. Please feel free to comment, add and join the conversation.


The “Feel Good” Networker – Gets fulfillment out of networking, both professionally and personally


The “Obnoxious” Networker – Has a networking agenda and it shows


The “I Have To Network” Networker – Need to network out of necessity (biz dev, job search, talent hunting)


The “I Hate Networking” Networker – I’m around marketing all day, I want to hang out with my family/friends


The “Uncomfortable” Networker – I don’t know one soul in this room


The “You Should Go Network” Networker – Pressures from others to network who don’t necessarily network themselves